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Friday, March 29, 2013

Dinosaur Zoom! by Penny Dale

Every child loves Dinosaurs and Dinosaur Zoom! will not disappoint. From the toddler to the early reader this book will have them asking you to read it again and again.

Dinosaur Zoom! is a delightful story that sees different types of Dinosaurs zooming, splashing, brmming, chugging, rrrrmming, bouncing and beeping their way to a very special event. Where are they going? Why are they in a hurry?

The use of descriptive words and large font make this book appealing to all ages. The beginning reader will love to zoom their way through this easy to read and easy to grasp book that features large colourful illustrations that enhance it’s appeal and wonder.

I shared this book with my 5 year old who insisted we read it again the following night. After reading the story we enjoyed sharing the pictures and labels of the types of Dinosaurs on the inside cover. Of course I stumbled my way through the pronunciation of the Dinosaur names whilst miss 5 laughed at my silliness and pronounced them with ease. Turning to the back inside cover we were able to discuss the different types of transport used by the Dinosaurs and compare and label their size, structure and use.

Dinosaur Zoom! by Penny Dale is a simple yet entertaining read which uses a topic that all children become fixated with at one stage or another in their early years. I will admit that at first glance my thoughts turned to of “not another Dinosaur theme” but those thoughts were soon forgotten as we found ourselves bouncing to the rhythm of the words from page to page.

Our copy was a beautifully presented hard cover book but Dinosaur Zoom! is also available from www.allenandunwin.com in board book and soon to be released paperback, which includes a free audio reading.

This is a book that definitely shows an understanding of the world of children’s literature, laughter and the magic of sharing. Dinosaur Zoom! by Penny Dale is a book worth considering when building a book shelf of quality books for any child.

Dinosaur Zoom! follows Penny Dale’s previous book Dinosaur Digs! 

ISBN: 978-0-87563-080-3

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Not Your Mother's Book....On Dogs Created by Dahlynn McKowen, Ken McKowen and Kathleene Baker

Nothing compares to the relationship between a human and his dog. We talk to them, walk them, take them in the car, buy them toys, spoil them with treats and even call them our fur babies. Not Your Mother’s Book...On Dogs is a celebration of the love and friendship between man and canine. It is a look into how our lives are enriched, changed and challenged by our four legged furry friends.

The Not Your Mother’s Book collection is a new anthology for a new century. Honest, funny, quirky and sometimes downright cheeky the creators Dahlyn McKowen and Ken McKowen, along with their team of co creators and contributing writers, take a no limit attitude when choosing and writing stories for this anthology. Refreshing, invigorating and sure to have you rolling on the floor in laughter, the Not Your Mother’s Book anthology is not for the light hearted.

Not Your Mother’s Book...On Dogs takes a look at the dog world from pup to pampered pooch. There is the mischievous and naughty and those furry canines who just seem to hit the soft spot and welcome themselves into your life when you least expect it. The variety of dog stories provides balance, which is surely needed as the pain from laughter starts to take hold of the whole body. Not Your Mother’s Book...On Dogs does not disappoint but compliments the first few books in this anthology.

I have read many previous writings by co creator Kathleene Baker and have always found her not only inspiring and uplifting but comical, invigorating and at times down right hilarious. I started Not Your Mother’s Book....On Dogs with interest, wondering if the character of Kathleene Baker would shine through, and I was not disappointed. With a love for dogs and fur babies of her own Dahlynn and Ken McKowen definitely made the right choice when they teamed with Kathleene Baker for On Dogs.

Dog lovers world wide will not only relate to this book but will enjoy taking a trip down memory lane as they share the life adventures of the contributors and their dogs. Can you remember the first time your eyes gazed at that gentle longing look on your dogs face? Bobby Barbara Smith sure can as she recalls her experience in her story A Facebook Affair. Then there is Max, the wonder dog of Francine Baldwin-Billingslea who saved his owners life. Of course we have all experienced the love hate relationship between a dog and our partner, but maybe not as hilariously as Marnie Frances recalls in her story Love Me, Love My Dog.

Not Your Mother’s Book...On Dogs is cleverly done and a credit to those who worked so hard to put it together. If you pick it up expecting it to just be another one of those dog saves human or how dogs enrich our lives books then you will be terribly disappoint. There is far more to this book than even the cover depicts. This is not just a collection of stories it is a doggone hilarious journey. Each page and each individual story carries through to the next. From front to back you are captivated and entertained. This book has given a positive and entertaining voice to the canine world. A place for them to share their experiences, through the eyes of mum and dad of course, and to show that really they rulethis world. I wish to express a special thank you to Hank Baker, the oldest fur baby of Kathleene Baker, for his wonderful bio and insight into Kathleene and his family.

This is a book to be read for pleasure and celebration. You will want to share Not Your Mother’s Book....On Dogs with all the family.....fur babies too.

For more information on this book and the Not Your Mothers Book Anthology visit

Purchase your copy online at www.Amazon.com 

ISBN: 978-1-938778-06-3

Review: Jennifer Deaves

Friday, March 15, 2013

All That & Everything - Karen Turner

Exquisitely written with strength, mystery and enticing power All That & Everything draws the reader into each story, riveting them to their seat on a journey to an ending that compels them to want more. The writing of Karen Turner is magical, potent and intense yet adventurous, enthralling and thought provoking.

All That & Everything is Karen Turners first book and is soon to be followed by another. Karen is the current Vice-President of the Society of Women Writers, Victoria, Australia. Complimented with illustrations by her late father, Robert, Karen has compiled a book of stories that takes the reader to places they never thought they would be taken. I was not sure what to expect when I first opened the cover of this petite looking book that intrigues but invites and inspires. I was hooked and left in awe by the end of the first story. Karen has a unique writing style, that could be seen as slightly immature and of old age yet it entwines and captivates. Her writing style is a breath of fresh air in a world where stories are often flat and dry leaving the reader little to imagine. Karen Turner puts your imagination on a magic carpet that flyʼs you up, down and around, causing your head to spin with delight and pleasure.

With some short story books it is possible to read more than one story in a sitting but with All That & Everything it is best to read one story at a time, allowing you to take a breath after having held tight in suspense. The emotion, visualisation and intensity of each story is best absorbed before moving on. In each story the strength of Karen Turners writing grabs you. I felt I rode a hurdy gurdy of wow! I know what is going to happen next, to wow! I didnʼt see that coming. Each story ended me on a high, some with amazement at the ending, some questioning why it ended when I wanted more and others just left me numb.

All That & Everything has a story for everyone. From love and family to animals, spooky ghosts and topics that teach and invoke thought. This is a well thought and professional book from beginning to end. The placement of each story seemed to fit well, with the last three stories befitting each other. In ʻIrises from yesterdayʼ Karen takes the reader on a journey of deep love for another and loss. It touches the delicate topic of death as Mavis awaits her calling in a nursing home where she is seen to be receiving Irises from her late husband Edmund, who has come to take Mavis with him ʻwhen the time is rightʼ. Is it Edmund who visitʼs Mavis at night and leaves an iris or Bert, an old man in the nursing home who loves to wonder?
In Kayʼs Cafe Karen Turner covers the delicate and touching topic of Alzheimers as Brenda, who lives interstate, calls her grandma regularly to find that over time Grandma is slipping away from her. Kayʼs Cafe is a short touching story of the relationship between the two generations and the coming to terms of old age and loss. It is also about finding each other and yourself. The Last Goodbye, rightfully titled and placed in the book as the last story, had me in awe of the creativity Karen has used to cover the topic of death. Karen takes the reader into the mind of the corpse within the coffin. Have you ever thought of what a funeral would look like from the view of the deceased if they could talk? Have you ever wondered it those lying in the coffin are yelling at those who have planned their funeral, are wanting to comfort those who cry and are frustrated wanting to relay a message that one may have missed. In The Last Goodbye Karen has also been able to touch on the topic of suicide. Comical yet touching and thought provoking, The Last Goodbye deals with death from another angle.

What does life look like from a catʼs point of view? What do the shoes of the regular commuters on the train each morning tell us about them? Are things really as they seem in a mirror? Do ghosts walk amongst us? These are just some of the questions All That & Everything will have the reader pondering in a few fictitious pages.

Karen Turner is a true artist. It is not easy to take three to four pages and turn them into an intense piece of writing that not only tells an inviting story but grabs the soul and compels, and this is what Karen Turner has done. She is a story teller in its true sense. In All That & Everything I rediscovered the magical moment that can be held in but a few brief words.

Available online at www.palmerhiggs.com.au

ISBN: 978-0-646-51976-0

review: Jennifer Deaves

Bear Has a Story to Tell - Philip C. Stead, Illustrated by Erin E. Stead.

A story of friendship, love,compassion, helping your friends, patience and a great big cuddly bear, Bear Has a Story to Tell by Philip C. Stead is heartwarming and inviting. The illustration by Erin E Stead adds to the warm fuzzy feeling, enhancing the character of an adorable bear that you just want to pick from the pages and snuggle up with.

My 5 year old snuggled into me as we traveled with Bear on his journey to tell someone his story. With winter approaching Bear is getting sleepy but he has a story to tell. All the animals are busy preparing for the winter season, Mouse has seeds to gather so Bear helps, Duck is getting ready to fly south so Bear tells him he will miss him, Frog is looking for a warm place to sleep so Bear digs a frog-sized hole between two evergreens, Mole was already asleep so Bear wishes him a good night. Many months pass and Bear awakes from his long winter nap. Again Bear is thoughtful toward others. He brings Mouse an acorn, welcomes Duck home and shows her a shady mud puddle he has found, he places Frog in the sunshine till he is warm and awake and all the friends sit together and wait for Mole to awake. It is then that Bear gets to tell his friends his story but winter has been a very long time to remember.

Bear Has a story to Tell has some wonderful clear messages for children that are built around lovable characters. Beautifully presented this book impresses all round and is a delight to share with little ones. Regardless of the age children will fall in love with Bear and his friends. The illustrations encourage discussion and language in even the youngest child with plenty of opportunity to point and label or to learn about hibernation and animal life.

Bear Has a Story to Tell by Philip C. Stead, illustrations by Erin E. Stead will soon become a welcome part of a child's 'read it again' library.

ISBN; 978-1-74331-342-8

Published by Allen & Unwin

Review: Jennifer Deaves

illustration from Bear Has a Story to Tell