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Having undertaken many courses in writing and poetry over the years Jennifer has a vast knowledge in the field of writing and reviewing, being able to provide an efficient, effective and professional service. As a qualified Early Childhood Educator and a home educating mum with over 16 years experience, she has a passion for quality children's books and educational resources.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

There Is a Monster Under My Christmas Tree Who Farts by Tim Miller and Matt Stanton

This book was reviewed as part of the Christmas Advent Calendar 2014

2 sleeps till Christmas

There Is A Monster Under My Christmas Tree Who Farts by Tim Miller and Matt Stanton is a hardcover book published by ABC Books. This is the sequel to There Is A Monster Under My bed Who Farts. 

This book presents beautifully with it’s bright red cover and comical illustrations that continue throughout. Aimed at the 4-8 age group where the mention of farts and bums will send them into hysterical laughter this book hits the mark. 

‘It wasn’t me! You have to tell Santa!’  This comment alone had my 7 year old laughing and yelling out “Sure it wasn’t”

There Is A Monster Under My Christmas Tree Who Farts starts off with a cute adorable green goggly eyed monster under the tree who is dropping bauble bombs. We soon visit Santa where his ‘gas clouds’ ruin the photo. He farts at the dining room table, on the roof whilst hanging the flashing lights and on the front verandah where he scares off the Christmas Carollers. Basically “HE”S RUINING CHRISTMAS!’

This is a great collaboration of quirky descriptive words and illustrations. How many ways can one describe a fart and still have you rolling your eyes and giggling. The illustrations set the scene with a cute little fart bomb gracing each picture.

There Is A Monster Under My Christmas Tree Who Farts by Tim Miller and Matt Stanton is a great little package to be shared by all.

ISBN: 9780733332951

Grab a copy from https://shop.abc.net.au and all good book stores. 

Review: Jennifer Douglas

Monday, December 22, 2014

Mothers and Daughters by Kylie Ladd

This book was reviewed as part of the Christmas Advent Calendar 2014

3 sleeps till Christmas.

Four mothers. Four teenage daughters, 

An isolated tropical paradise with no internet or mobile phone reception.

What could possible go wrong?

There’s tension, bitchiness, bullying, sex, drunken confessions, bad behaviour and breakdowns - and wait till you see what the teenagers get up to...

The above words come from the back of the book Mothers and Daughters by Kylie Ladd. A book that introduces us to a group of mothers and their daughters who spend time together in a remote part of Australia.

I am a fan of Kylie Ladd. For me Kylie would be up there as one of my favourite Australia female authors but something went amiss for me in Mothers and Daughters. I enjoyed this book but only enjoyed it. It missed the mark with grabbing me and enveloping me in the characters. I became a little bored in places and annoyed with the characters at times. If they were my friends I am sure I would have been slapping some sense into them and telling them to grow up. At times Mothers and Daughters created tension and frustration within me so I suppose we could say that Kylie Ladd was touching the emotions in me, even if I would have preferred to have enjoyed my read.

The last book of Kylie Ladd’s I read was Into My Arms. This grabbed me and I felt every emotion of the characters. I rode the journey. This was not the case with Mothers and Daughters. I found it difficult to connect with the characters and felt I was just sitting there with the group wanting to be elsewhere. Mothers and Daughters still provides the well written flowing plot of Kylie Ladd. It shows her strength as a writer and has in no way left me feeling I would not read a Kylie Ladd book again. I am not one to become involved with groups of women where tension and bitchiness is high and alcohol is involved. I would also not put up with the behaviour of some of the teenage girls. 

So when they say there is tension and bitchiness, they are right. Within Mothers and Daughters you will travel this road. Bad behaviours and breakdowns are definitely part of it also. Too much for this reader though. Sorry Kylie Ladd. Overall well written and a great story but just too much tension in a read for me.

Give it a read and let me know what you think.

ISBN: 978-1-76011-066-6

Find out more: www.kylieladd.com.au

review: Jennifer Douglas 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Chasing Stars by Helen Douglas

This book was reviewed as part of the Christmas Advent Calendar 2014

4 sleeps till Christmas.

Chasing Stars by Helen Douglas follows on from where we left off in After Eden. We once again join Eden and Ryan as they sacrifice all for their love.

Chasing Stars was sent to me after I reviewed After Eden and expressed interest in continuing my journey with Eden and Ryan. I was not disappointed. Chasing Stars grabbed me just as much as After Eden. I was instantly drawn back into the characters and easily found myself where I had left off. 

I write this review with caution in my heart.  I feel I cannot give the book the praise it deserves. I also do not wish to give away any spoilers. This book holds strength and edge of the seat reading. It reels you in and then spits you out at the end leaving you wanting more. 

Chasing Stars is as much a lovely young romance with thrill and anticipation as After Eden. Helen Douglas has done a wonderful job of uniting the two books but also allowing them to stand alone. In After Eden we spent time with Eden and Ryan within the realms of Eden’s time, Chasing Stars takes us to Ryan’s time and place as we travel to the future and consider if life will really be as Helen Douglas portrays.

Absolutely love the writing of Helen Douglas. Age appropriate, inviting and easy to read. The words flow beautifully as you wrap the characters in your arms and hug them tight. Both these books are believable and loveable. 

Chasing Stars has left us with an ending that leads me to believe we will be seeing a book three. I definitely hope we will be seeing a book three! This is a wonderful series that I just feel I cannot get enough of. What is in the future for Eden and Ryan? We know their love is deep and strong. They have survived the loss of lifestyle and loved ones in order to be together. Will their love continue to hold strong as they step into the next book of their life? 

Helen Douglas you have hooked me. I am keeping Eden and Ryan alive in my heart until next we meet.

ISBN: 978-1-4088-2870-0

review: Jennifer Douglas 


Friday, December 19, 2014

Signs of Life by Mark Mosier

This book was reviewed as part of the Christmas Advent Calendar 2014

6 sleeps till Christmas.

Signs of Life by Mark Mosier is a book that takes you on a journey that changes the way you see emergency medical services, the role of their staff and your interacts with the world around you.

Mark Mosier is a paramedic with over 30 years experience. In Signs of Life he shares his real life call outs and experiences. You travel with Station 4 as they attend different situations ranging from car accidents, drug overdoses, suicide and child related incidences. This book takes you on one hell of a ride.

Mark Mosier writes ‘ No two calls are ever exactly the same: the sights, the sounds, the smells, the emotions, the outcomes.’  No two chapters within Signs of Life are the same. Each one takes you on a new call out and a new journey. With each chapter you gain a little more respect for the men and women of our emergency medical services and learn a lot more about the way they work. Each chapter introduces you to a new medical term and a new piece of equipment they use. 

Signs of Life is more than just a book, it is a learning tool and a resource. Within the chapters Mark Mosier has include photographs and explanations of the ‘tools of the trade’. He walks the reader through the use of tools such as the LifePak 12, Cricothyrotomy Kit and explains medical terminology such as cyanosis and myocardial Infarction. The back of the book contains a glossary for easy reference on all terminology. 

Although based in the U.S this book should be read worldwide. There is little difference between emergency medical services worldwide. The goals of all are that of saving lives and the care of the patient being of top priority. Although living in Australia I was able to relate to all the scenarios, being similar to those seen in the media on a daily basis. I read from page to page amazed at the care and professionalism of the men and women of the emergency medical services. On a daily basis I have never really given much thought to the job of our emergency medical services, just taking it for granted that they would be there if I needed them. It made me realise how we way too often go about our day giving no thought to our actions, no appreciation for the life we are given and with no realisation that at any moment in time we could be find ourselves, or a loved one, fighting for their lives. For me my thought processes have changed for good. 

Are you prepared should you, or a loved one, need the help of our emergency teams. How are you going to help them? In Signs of Life Mark Mosier speaks loud and clear about the importance of medical bracelets and the information they provide that helps paramedics help you. Medical bracelets were something I always intended to get for my family but something I placed no real importance on so it kept getting put off. This changed after reading Signs of Life and my children now have bracelets. Signs of Life also had me thinking about how I would cope in an emergency. Am I emergency ready? How can I prepare my children for a medical emergency? Would they know what to do should something happen to me? Accidents happen, they are part of life, but we can be as prepared, and accident smart,  as possible so that when they do occur the outcome is better.

Signs of Life by Mark Mosier is an amazing journey. This is a book that should be a compulsory read. A book that should be read and discussed in higher secondary school and a book that should be shared amongst families. For those considering a field in the emergency medical services or those who are currently in training Signs of Life by Mark Mosier will lead the way.

Available in e-book and paperback.

ISBN: 978-1-4834-1299-3

Find out more about Mark Mosier and order a copy www.signsoflifeems.com

Available in Australia from www.jenniferdouglasliterarypublicist.com
Watch the YouTube review:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaIipdYh

review: Jennifer Douglas

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Drazil House Mystery by J.P Shaw

This book was reviewed as part of the Christmas Advent Calendar 2014

7 sleeps till Christmas.

Drazil House Mystery by J.P Shaw is an e-book for the younger novel reader. It will soon be released in paperback. 

Jennifer purchases a locket from the local flea market which soon leads her and her friend Hanna on a treasure hunt. The locket contains a piece of parchment paper which holds hidden clues. 

The characters within the book are all lovely and sweet. They have a nice demeanour about them. There is dad’s new girlfriend that Jennifer is having trouble relating to and the respected and loved grandma who Jennifer is able to go to for advice since mum is no longer there. These are issues that the younger reader may relate to and which may open them to talking to the adults in their life. 

This book had its up and down moments for me. At times I was enjoying my journey wondering what was around the corner and at other times I was bored and wondering if I could continue reading. I also found it jumped from one thing to another too quickly with no descriptive language in between. Drazil House Mystery was just a read, not a journey.

I would have liked to have seen more strength in the characters. For myself the book overall was too weak. From what I can find online this is the first book by J.P Shaw. I could not find a website or any information on her as an author. The only link found was that of Amazon. J.P shaw lacks the strength of a good storyteller. She can write in the sense that the book flows, is well written and readable but there is a clear difference between a writer and a storyteller which draws you in and has you breathless with each word. I look forward to watching the professional growth of J.P Shaw as I feel with practice she shows the ability to produce a strong read. 

This book is based around 12 year olds but I wondered if it presented as a little immature for the 12 year old of today. It reminded me of a weaker version of the older style books such as The Famous Five or Nancy Drew which, although still well known, have dated with the younger readers of today’s generation. Maybe I am just getting old but as a reviewer of books for all ages Drazil House Mystery by J.P Shaw just did not grow on me.

If you have an early teen who loves to read e-books give it a go and let me know how you find Drazil House Mystery by J.P Shaw. This review is my personal opinion only. Books are a personal choice and journey. Drazil House Mystery was just not for me. 

Review: Jennifer Douglas


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Monty C. Turtle Learns To Swim by Kara Lauder and Dr Mick Guinea

This book was reviewed as part of the Christmas Advent Calendar 2014

8 sleeps till Christmas.

Monty C. Turtle Learns to Swim is a delightful Australian children’s book set in Western Australia. Monty C. Turtle is a late hatchling that soon realises he is all alone and unable to swim. As we travel our journey with Monty C. Turtle we meet lots of wonderful Australian sea creatures who try to help Monty with his dilemma.

This is a simple yet wonderful story book that will delight children 5 years and under. The illustrations are basic yet inviting, complimenting the story. They give the reader enough detail that they are able to follow the story yet it allows for the use of  imagination and discussion. 

Authors Kara Lauder and Dr Mick Guinea have done a wonderful job at introducing the start of the life of the Australian turtle to their young readers. Monty C. Turtle Learns to Swim provides the young reader with enough information to allow them to process the concept of the life of this sea creature, leaving areas open for discovering, questioning and further researching for the inquisitive mind.

Monty C Turtle and his friends, Cassie Crab, Sammy Sea Snake, Douglas the Sand Dollar and Perron the Pelican are delightful characters that warm your heart. Monty C. Turtle soon finds himself with a whole lot of new friends that offer a helping hand in teaching him the skill of swimming.

Monty C Turtle Learns to Swim by Kara Lauder and Dr Mick Guinea is a book of comparison of size, shape, characteristics and differences. It offers an extension in vocabulary, an awareness of nature and the importance of kindness and the giving of a moment of your time to help another. This is a feel good book that will grow with your child as they develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Beautifully presented Monty C Turtle Learns to Swim is a newly released 
( November 2014 ) hard cover book that smiles down at you from the shelf, inviting you to engage in its pages. It is not only a delight to read but a wonder to hold, with the shiny gloss pages being easy to turn, feeling soft to the touch.

Find out more about Monty C. Turtle Learns to Swim and purchase a copy: http://www.montycturtle.com

Join Monty C. Turtle Learns to Swim on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MontyCTurtle

Review by Jennifer Douglas


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lucas and Jack by Ellie Royce and Andrew McLean

This book was reviewed as part of the Christmas Advent Calendar 2014

9 sleeps till Christmas.

Lucas and Jack is a picture book that showcases the talents of two Australian artists, author Ellie Royce and illustrator Andrew McLean. Published mid this year ( July 2014 ) Lucas and Jack is an early primary book that bridges the gap between generations.

Every week Lucas’ mum visit his grandpop at the nursing home. Every week Lucas waits outside, that is until he meets Jack, a resident at the home. Jack is a fun loving old man who helps Lucas look at the surroundings around him in a completely new way, bridging the gap between the young and the old.

Lucas and Jack is a fun loving picture book that takes an often scary and serious topic of ageing and turns it into a fun loving discussion point. We all know how overwhelming and different a nursing home can be to children, but not anymore. Lucas and Jack is now available to engage children in understanding their thoughts and emotions. As Jack shares his past life with Lucas and challenges him to see the elderly around him differently children soon realise that the old were young once and have a lot to share. Jack shows us that being old does not mean being boring. 

I shared Lucas and Jack with my 7 year old daughter who quickly became engaged in the story and characters, asking questions and mentioning points of interested within the pictures. We were soon discussing getting older, changes in our lives and how things moving forward is ok. As one who has Autism my daughter has difficulties with change in her life and with death. She has difficulties understanding emotions and social interaction. Lucas and Jack provided a lot of opportunity for us to discuss our emotions and the body language of the characters depicted through the illustrations. There was plenty of opportunity to discuss the transition of change from one day and year to another. We discussed growing and ageing, the family unit and the love we have for each other.

Lucas and Jack is a great resource for many occasions and situations. It lends itself to a vast range of topics and issues. This is a book that will be used time and time again by parents, teachers, carers and anyone involved with children.

Lucas and Jack by Ellie Royce and Andrew McLean is published by Working Title Press and distributed by Penguin Group Australia. It is available in hardcopy at all good book stores Australia wide.

Purchase online from Penguin Books Australia: http://www.penguin.com.au/products/9781921504662/lucas-and-jack

ISBN: 978-1-921504-67-9

Find out more about author Ellie Royce on her website http://www.ellieroyce.com

Visit illustrator Andrew McLean on his website http://mcleanpicturebooks.com 

Watch the YouTube review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLTuZg6jXMw

Review: Jennifer Douglas

Monday, December 15, 2014

Madeleine, Maddy and Midge: Positive Thinking for Children by Cathy Domoney

This book has been reviewed as part of the Christmas Advent Calendar 2014

10 Sleeps till Christmas.

Confidence and a positive self esteem in a child goes a long way to shaping a successful and happy future. It gives them the courage to try new things, stand up for themselves and accept love and praise. It helps them make good decisions, set goals and look forward to the future. In Madeleine, Maddy and Midge Cathy Domoney provides an environment that helps children feel good about themselves.

Appealing to all ages as a read alone book or one that is shared with an adult, Madeleine, Maddy and Midge is illustrated by Karen Davis who has created characters that compliment the positive and negative aspects of the book.

Madeleine has two secret friends, Maddy and Midge. Maddy’s happy messages makes Madeleine feel tall, strong and full of confidence. Midge however, fills Madeleine with worries, troubles and doubt and makes her feel small, scared and alone. Madeleine has found the magic spell so that Maddy’s voice will be all she will hear and Midge will disappear like the ‘Pop’ of a bubble. Madeleine has a power to decide whether to be happy or sad. The question is, what will she decide?

The use of empowering, positive descriptive words in Madeleine, Maddy and Midge gives children the tools they need to not only explain how they are feeling, but tools that will strengthen their thought processes, helping beat the confusion that is often found in a young mind.

I loved the warm, loving relationship between Madeleine and her mother but did wonder if, to a child who is already feeling negative, this relationship would destroy them a little more if not found within their own family. Here leads further opportunity for teachers and therapists to open the door to discussion about families and the individual dynamics they hold.

Cathy Domoney has done a wonderful job of addressing the reality of the fact that it is not easy to push those negative thoughts and feelings aside.

From that day onwards, there were still times when Midge would try to re-appear and make Madeleine feel bad. But Madeleine was clever. She remembered that she had power inside of her to choose, and she would listen to Maddy and tell Midge to “Shush!”

Madeleine, Maddy and Midge is more than just a story book, it is a world full of information,empowerment and self awareness. Cleverly created to meet not only the needs of children but those of parents, teachers and therapist, Madeleine, Maddy and Midge is a resource worthy of sitting on all bookshelves.

Using her experiences and qualifications of not only a primary teacher but that of counsellor and psychotherapist Cathy Domoney has included pages that provide pointers for using this book as a successful resource tool. She has included points to share with children along with suggested activities.

The message within Madeleine, Maddy and Midge is written with strength that is clear and precise.In her message at the back of the book Cathy Domoney writes:

“The most important thing to remember is that all children are unique and that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to help them! As long as we begin from a position of love, patience, and respect, we are on the right track.......My hope is that this story and the associated activities will be a foundation for you to generate your own ideas for the child in your care. I hope that it has opened a line of communication for you to further develop and explore the promoting of confidence and self-esteem with your child or children.”

Madeleine, Maddy and Midge Positive Thinking for Children by Cathy Domoney is the ideal gift for any child, and a gift for any adult working in the eduction industry. This book has the ability to change a child’s life experiences without them even realising it. 

ISBN: 978-1-4525-0761-3

Find out more about Cathy Domoney and where to buy Madeleine, Maddy and Midge: http://www.cathydomoney.com

Reviewed by: Jennifer Douglas Literary Publicist


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Together for Christmas by Mimi Barbour

This book was reviewed as part of the Christmas Advent Calendar 2014

11 sleeps till Christmas.

Together for Christmas is book five in The Vicarage Bench Series by Mimi Barbour and at the time of writing this review was available in e-book only.

Mimi Barbour has yet again provided a romance that is a wonderful little surprise package. When I started this book I was giggling to myself wondering what Mimi Barbour was thinking when she decided to write a book based around two characters who travel within the one body. Abbie collapses are pricking her finger on a rose thorn, soon finding herself trapped within the body of Marcus. She is able to communicate with Marcus via thought and he can communicate with her. She is also able to control his body movements. In the first instance I felt I was about to delve into a book that was not only so unbelievable it was funny but one that was going to be a long and ridiculous read. How wrong I was. Mimi Barbour grabbed hold of me and reeled me in, to the degree that I read Together for Christmas in one night, sitting up until 2am as I could not put it down. 

The characters within Together for Christmas hold strong personalities that work well together. Mimi Barbour has created characters that make you smile as they bicker between themselves and fall in love. She has done a wonderful job of setting the scene that shows the strong difference between men and woman and the respect, understanding and love that the two can have for each other. As the story develops you soon find that this is more than a book about one soul overtaking another, it is a book about family, friends, the finding of ones self, the discovery of another and the acceptance of the different walks of life. The story is built around the wonderful Christmas message of giving to others and helping when needed.

Together for Christmas by Mimi Barbour could be seen as a weak unbelievable story plot but instead it is a fun loving romance that gives you goosebumps, takes unexpected turns and leaves you wanting more.

I have not read the first five books in The Vicarage Bench Series so cannot say what the series as a whole is like but if Together For Christmas is anything to go by then the series is one I will be completing over the next year.

This is a great read that I comes highly recommended to romance readers. I am not a reader of romance as a rule but thoroughly enjoyed the work of Mimi Barbour. A great holiday or weekend read.

Find our more about Mimi Barbour and purchase her books. www.mimibarbour.com

Review: Jennifer Douglas


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Merlin's School of Ordinary Children : The Ring Of Curses by Margaret Rose Blake

‘...Firstly, though, I would like to make something quite clear! This school is an extremely exclusive school. You do not enroll your children. We invite your children. And once they are here they will stay until we say they are ready to leave.’ 

Merlin’s School of Ordinary Children The Ring of Curses by Margaret Rose Blake takes you on a journey with the children and townsfolk of Calder Cove. It all begins with the death of a reclusive old man, Mr Riley and continues over an extended period of time as weird and intriguing events occur. These start behind the tall screens of the construction site that use to contain Mr Riley’s home. A massive building is soon revealed with the townsfolk informed that it is a school. No ordinary school but Merlin’s School. This begins  adventures that take you to places you least expected. 

From the reading of the first page a sense of excitement, a light tingling, entered my body. I could feel myself grinning from ear to ear with excitement. The Ring of Curses holds a special bit of magic that captivated me. 

In the first instance I was left wondering who old Mr Riley really was and what he was writing. Still, as I write this review some weeks after reading the book I wonder if I ever did find out, but that is part of the mystery and wonderment that The Ring of Curses holds. 

Within The Ring of Curses Margaret Rose Blake uses words with eloquence and style. She captivates and spellbinds. The Ring of curses is a fast moving descriptive book that has you introduced and visualising the scenes instantly. From the first chapter Margaret Rose Blake successfully introduces many town folk at once, placing you in the middle of the town as though you are a neighbour. She blends the different personalities of the characters together, creating a town that has it all. 

The Ring of Curses has been well placed in the 9-15 age group. The main characters fit nicely within this bracket, holding personalities and thoughts that are very appropriate. There are some great messages hidden within this book. The ending leaves you feeling good, but wanting more, as the characters grow both personally and as a peer group.

Merlin’s School of Ordinary Children The Ring of Curses  by Margaret Rose Blake gets a 5 out of 5 for me. I recommend it for both boys and girls from 9 upward and am sure it will leave them wanting to share their reading adventure with anyone who will listen.

ISBN: 1-922086-99-1

Find out more about Margaret Rose Blake:

Review: Jennifer Douglas

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Special Agent Finnigan by Mimi Barbour

This book was reviewed as part of the Christmas Advent Calendar 2014

13 sleeps till Christmas.

Special Agent Finnigan is book 2 in the Undercover FBI Series by Mimi Barbour. This is the first book of the series that I have read.

Special Agent Finnigan by Mimi Barbour is an FBI crime romance that took me by surprise.  From the first page it provides strong characters that soon have you falling in love with them with a clear visual picture in your mind. Special Agent Finnigan is not just a crime romance but a book full of fun, love and drama. It is hard to find a review on this book by someone who did not like it, 5 stars seems to be the norm, although some found they loved it from the first page whilst others said they found it slow. I will agree that I have found other books by Mimi Barbour to be slow at the start and felt I could see a pattern in Mimi’s writing as far as this was concerned but Special Agent Finnigan has changed that pattern, scooping me up and throwing me in from the first paragraph. 

Mimi Barbour has managed to create a chemistry between her characters. All good books hold a chemistry between the two leading characters who set the scene and plot but with Special Agent Finnigan Mimi Barbour has managed to place a chemistry between every character she introduces. We see the romance but we see chemistry within the workplace and the family relationship.

I read this book after reading two other books by Mimi Barbour, She’s Not You, part of the Elvis Series and Loveable Christmas Angel, part of the Angels with Attitude series. She’s Not You was the first and it grabbed me. I followed with Loveable Christmas Angel and felt a little disappointed, as though Mimi Barbour had let me down. In Special Agent Finnigan I feel she is back again. For me this is Mimi Barbour at her best. A fast paced and unforgettable read that has left me wanting to read the whole series. It is easy to see why Mimi Barbour has sold over 500,000 copies of her books world wide. My only disappointment with this book is that it is only available in e-book. This is a series I would love to include on my bookshelf.

5 out of 5 for Special Agent Finnigan by Mimi Barbour.

Find out more about Mimi and grab a copy at www.mimibarbour.com

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review: Jennifer Douglas

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Elle and Buddy by K.D Rausin and Muza Ulasowski

This book was reviewed as part of the Christmas Advent Calendar 2014

14 sleeps till Christmas. 

Elle & Buddy by K.D Rausin and Muza Ulasowski is a beautiful children’s picture book that does not disappoint. This book is based on the real life experiences of a young girl, Arielle Rausin,who at the age of 10 was paralysed in a car accident. In 7th grade she was challenged by her P.E teacher to join the middle school track team. Her first few races were in an everyday wheelchair until she discovered racing wheelchairs. In high school she wanted to join the track team but was told she could not as they did not recognise adaptive sports. This lead to Arielle advocating for herself and, with the help of the community, developed an adaptive track program. Today Arielle Rausin is an athlete on the University of Illinois wheelchair racing team.

Elle & Buddy see’s the collaboration of U.S writer, K.D Rausin with that of Australian illustrator Muza Ulasowski. I have reviewed many books illustrated by Muza and each have delighted. Elle & Buddy did not disappoint. What I love about Muza’s illustrations is the way they jump off the page at you and engulf you in the event. With each illustration you feel as though you are really there and can reach out and touch the characters. There is delight within each picture that leaves you feeling excited and at times overwhelmed. 

Elle & Buddy is the second book by K.D Rausin but the first I have read. She has provided a delightful story that allows the reader to share the discovery and excitement of Elle. Elle and Buddy is informative and educational, opening your eyes to the lives and dreams of children in wheelchairs and the world of adaptive sports. 

Elle & Buddy is full of excitement and fun that children of all ages will relate to. For the younger child there is a Gecko hidden within each page. The relationship between the Gecko and Buddy provides an extra treat, and at times I questioned if Elle was aware of this relationship. The cheeky Gecko was definitely a winner in our household.

I shared this book with my 7 year old daughter who has Autism. For her it was a special book about a special child. Although my daughters struggles in life are different to that of Elle we were able to talk about how each of us is unique with our own struggles. We spoke of adaptive sports and the special Olympics. We visited the Challenged Athletes website at the back of Elle & Buddy and read the timeline provide in relation to wheelchair racing.

Elle & Buddy is an all round delightful package that will be enjoyed by all ages. With it’s inspiring story and delightful illustrations it is a book that will be read time and time again by children and adults worldwide. Congratulations K.D Rausin  and Muza Ulasowski on a high quality children’s book that speaks of love, joy and understanding.

ISBN: 978-1-942155-00-3

Join Elle & Buddy on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElleAndBuddy

Find out more about Muza Ulasowski and purchase books: http://www.muzadesigns.com.au

Find out more about K.D Rausin and read her blog posts: http://kdrausin.com

Elle & Buddy can be purchased from Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Elle-Buddy-K-D-Rausin/dp/194215500X

Watch the YouTube review: 

Review: Jennifer Douglas


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Loveable Christmas Angel by Mimi Barbour

This book has been reviewed as part of the Christmas Advent Calendar 2014

15 sleeps till Christmas

Loveable Christmas Angel is the third book in the Angels with Attitude series by Mimi Barbour. When writing this review I had not read the other two books so cannot base my review on the series as a whole. 

Loveable Christmas Angel is another delightful romance by Mimi Barbour. This is the second book by Mimi Barbour I have reviewed, the other being She’s Not You from the Elvis series. Already I am able to see a pattern to the writing by Mimi Barbour. Both books  started off slow, leaving me feeling I was in for a boring read, but by the time I was a few chapters in I was engrossed and surprised by the turn of events.

Loveable Christmas Angel is set in Hawaii and  starts on the same path of that of a lot of romance novels with the poor girl meeting the rich guy. There is the ailing aunt who dies early within the book setting the plot for the rest of the story.

I thoroughly enjoyed Loveable Christmas Angel  but not as much as I did She’s Not You. I found the characters and plot of Loveable Christmas Angel to be weaker than She’s Not You, which to a degree has left me wondering if I would read the other books in the Angels With Attitudes series. Being given a choice I would choose the Elvis Series over this one. Being unsure of this series I turned to the internet to read what others had to say and found reviews by those who had read the series and enjoyed every book. The great thing about books is that they are a different journey for every reader.

One review on amazon.com gave me a giggle. This person wrote ‘...what I did not like was the graphic sex. If I had known, I would not have purchased it.’ It is obvious this person has never read 50 Shades of Grey. At no time did I feel that the sex scene’s within this book were inappropriate or graphic. Mimi Barbour has done a great job at showing the love between a woman and a man, after all this is a romance.

Loveable Christmas Angel by Mimi Barbour is a light hearted read full of humor, love and the challenges that life can throw at us. It has a sweet touch to it that grabs the heart and leaves you feeling good. Available in e-book Loveable Christmas Angel provides a great holiday read.

Find out more and purchase a copy www.mimibarbour.com

Review: Jennifer Douglas Literary Publicist