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With years of experience in publicity, public relations and the marketing industry, which includes working with Allen and Unwin and Palmer Higgs Publishing, Jennifer has become a well sort after reviewer. To work with Jennifer is to know you are working with someone who will not hold back on being open and honest about your book and its marketing possibilities.

Having undertaken many courses in writing and poetry over the years Jennifer has a vast knowledge in the field of writing and reviewing, being able to provide an efficient, effective and professional service. As a qualified Early Childhood Educator and a home educating mum with over 16 years experience, she has a passion for quality children's books and educational resources.

Having spent 6 years as the founder and managing editor of two magazines, Good Gabble and Rattling Reviews, Jennifer has an eye for marketing and sales, knowing what the consumer is looking for and how to reach them. She works individually with each client meeting their needs and the needs of their product. She has many years experience in critiquing websites, placing herself in the shoes of the consumer who is browsing. Many clients return time and time again knowing they will be receiving an honest, open and non judgmental review or critique. Jennifer prides herself on providing a friendly, non threatening and personal service. Her clients are able to contact her personally throughout the whole review process.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Organic Mind. The missing link to the minds mysteries by Michael Morel

As published in Good Gabble Magazine

How can mankind make the transition from using the Traditional Mind to embracing the Organic Mind, without losing the wonderful creative qualities we have developed over many centuries? This is a question asked by Michael Morel in his book The Organic Mind. His desired outcome is that of a society in which we are all equal and have ample opportunity to use our creative energy to develop a peaceful earth free from wars, sickness and poverty.

Michael presents a refreshing yet realistic look at the way our mind controls our lives and its outcomes. He speaks with truth and honesty and shows us how using our 'Organic Mind' can turn our lives around for the better. He doesn't confess to being right or wrong but uses his personal life experiences to talk of his discoveries, providing a thought provoking read.

In Chapter One Michael talks of the the Traditional Mind versus the Organic Mind. He refers to the Traditional Mind being that of a mind that is not free. A mind that is confined by boundaries, rules, regulations and laws. The Organic Mind is that of the total opposite, one that is totally free and guided only by universal wisdom.
The Organic Mind by Michael Morel offers food for the mind. It inspires, evokes and empowers. It leaves one feeling that freedom is on your doorstep and within the grasp of your thought processes. Within The Organic Mind Michael speaks of the common denominators within all of us.

Although we come in assorted sizes, shapes and colours, inherently we all have seven common denominators, to a greater or lesser degree: Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Emotions, Conditioning, Language.”

Within The Organic Mind Michael talks of each denominator and how it fits into our life. He talks of
All manifestations beginning with an idea, a silent thought or a spoken word.” We are told this time and time again through many writings but within The Organic Mind Michael Morel is able to put the pieces together, making sense and providing information that one can relate to and recall as required.

How often have we imagined a world where negative words have been eliminated and the void spaces filled with positive. Michael Morel address's just this possibility in chapter 1 page 35. Although this may seem impossible Michael looks at how, over three generations, we could achieve just this. The process he proposes is that of common sense and one that is right in front of our noses. It starts in our education system and our religion.

Retain that which is of benefit and delete that which is detrimental,” writes Michael Morel.
Children must be educated to use the Organic Mind. We're taught to think in our native language, and to speak with that same language, not realising that choice of words is of particular importance to the young and fertile mind...............If we're taught to use the Traditional Mind only, there comes a time when we cannot think in any other way.”

The Organic Mind talks of the seeds ( ideas) of our mind being like that of a plant. When planted within our mind some may take a few weeks to germinate before coming to a point where they can be harvested, where others may take years. Michael speaks of the seeds we plant knowing what to do and how to grow and bear fruit. It is what we label reality, that stops an idea growing, this being doubt, impatience, fear or lack of faith. Michael suggests that the Organic Mind knows exactly what to do and has provided the perfect plan for you, the individual. All one has to do is follow it without interference of thought. This is what Michael calls being on autopilot and what those who use the Traditional Mind may call being irrational, carefree and irresponsible.

I loved Michael Morels way of looking at life and our journey on earth. There was never a time I felt I could not achieve the Organic Mind and was halfway there by the end of the book. I wrote this review around a month after reading the book and found the journey of rereading and skimming the pages a refreshing reminder of where I go wrong on days I struggle to push the Traditional Mind to the back bench. The Organic Mind provides information that changes the lives of your whole family. By embracing your own Organic Mind your interactions with loved ones and society as a whole leaves a positive experience. We are able to pay our mind thoughts forward to others who in return will pass it on.

With The Organic Mind by Michael Morel on my bookshelf I am positive that I will continue to travel forward with my quest to reach this state of mind. The Organic Mind is more than just a book, it is a resource that you will come back to time and time again. Within is the ticket to a life of less stress, worry and doubt. A life that has you enjoying who you are, those around you and the journey you are taking.

To quote Michael Morel “ The bow is the mind and words are the answers, and just as arrows can wound and destroy, so too can words” Through The Organic Mind I have been empowered to use my natural state of mind, my Organic Mind, and destroy those arrows for good.

The greatest gift a young person can receive today is not a new computer, mobile or car, but the gift of confidence and the information required to allow them to be totally self-responsible. Children today appear to grow up more quickly than when I was a child in the 1930s, and yet and emotion, a thought or an action is the same as it has ever been.” ~ Michael Morel.

Published in Australia 2011

review: Jennifer Deaves

Quality Australian Healing Gifts

Hospital Healing Hampers is a business that is built from the heart. Founder Jen Holdsworth knows only to well the perils of hospital visits and the need for products that make you feel good about yourself during these times.

During her 18 weeks scan of her fourth pregnancy Jen was told that her little baby had many problems and that she would be best to terminate. Deciding to continue with the pregnancy she prepared for what was ahead. At 36 weeks, when her baby would not move and the heart was shown to be struggling, she was induced. Josie was born blue and was found to have no hips, heart problems and a horseshoe kidney. She was eventually diagnosed with Kabuki syndrome and today, at the age of 10, has had over 13 operations with many more to come. Living in Tasmania with trips to Victoria for treatment Jen and her family know all to well the stress and strain hospitals can have on individuals and families. With this in mind Hospital Healing Hampers was born.

“During these visits we have recognised the need for quality 100% Australian gifts that help people to feel good about themselves during illness or surgery, plus the need to help family members also feel good whilst dealing with the process of healing.” writes Jen on her site hospitalhealinghampers.com.au. “We have wonderfully, equally passionate and 100 %Australian suppliers, who provide quality products to put in each Hamper. Our healing products are aimed at helping you to feel good and start the healing process. Don’t ever stop believing that your voice, your actions and love can have a profound impact on another persons life. Every act of love and kindness towards another is a tiny seed of hope planted in that persons heart.”

We were totally blown away when we received a Little Squirt hamper from Jen. This hamper, valued at $55 consists of an Organic Cotton grow shirt from myheartbeatsgreen.com.au, in a natural colour that can be worn by a girl or boy, Rose Geranium and lavender pure vegetable soup and organic lip balm from Absolutely Gorgeous and a pack of organic baby essentials that include shampoo and wash, moisturiser and bottom balm. Also included is the most gorgeous Tasmanian terracotta rose that has been dipped in rose oil. This rose sits on my desk and still today, months later, lingers the rose smell, relaxing me as I work.

To top of such an amazing array of products all are presented in a corrugated cardboard bag that is decorated with a soft pastel cardboard flower, rossettes and butterfly. Included is a gift card and tag that presents with glistening gem stone butterflies with the words “just for you”.

Hospital Healing Hampers post to any destination in Australia with items being delivered overnight to metropolitan areas. Some regional areas may take up to two days. Each Hamper is hand packaged by Jen. They are sealed in a box which is wrapped using brown paper, handed addressed and decorated to suit the theme. Being a baby and mum hamper ours was decorated with pram's, baby footprints and a rossette. Stamped upon the outside package was the added touch of the words “May your day be as special as you are”

We were left speechless when our package arrived. The presentation was beyond expectations and we all agreed that we had never received a packaged that oozed such love and care. The wonderment and awe continued as we opened the package to be greeted with organic products that lifted our spirits and blessed us with fragrance. As I write this my heart flutters at the memories of the gift. It truly touched the hearts of all who were present. The love, compassion and understanding flowed from the hamper with each touch. It left all with a surreal feeling with the body tingling as you took in the elegant finish.

This love and thought is carried through to the internet site of Healing Hospital Hampers. From the home page to the easy navigating of the site Hospital Healing Hampers provide a relaxing welcoming place to be. Using relaxing yet vibrant warm colours descriptions of items are available with clear with easy checkout.

It is evident that Jen and her family have put a lot of thought, time and love into what they do. Their passion and dedication for helping and caring about others shines through. It is lovely to see a product that is not only compassionate to the needs of the receiver and giver but also the environment. Care and love has gone into the selection of each individual item, showing unity and a common goal by Jen and her suppliers.

I can do nothing more than highly recommend Hospital Healing Hampers. Not only are they hampers that touch the heart but $1 from the sale of each hamper is donated to the affiliates of Hospital Healing Hampers to purchase resources for families with a recent genetic diagnosis in Australia.

These hampers should not be kept just for hospital related incidents. They would also make a great gift for Christmas and just to show you care. With hampers that suit babies, children, families, ladies and men there is something to suit the needs of all. Hampers can also be custom made to suit your needs and budget.

Visit Hospital Healing Hampers online at: www.hospitalhealinghampers.com.au

article: Jennifer Deaves

As published in Rattling Reviews

Sex Is For Sinners ( Love is for Leprechauns ) by Michael Morel

* as published in Good Gabble Magazine

Mick Malone has inherited the naivety and wit of the Irish along with a dash of French spice, a portion of English Prudishness and a generous Germanic love of good beer. It all combines to create a rich and interesting mixture. Mick is brought into the world during the great depression, a child who is neither welcomed or loved. As he climbs out of the pit of ignorance and makes his way in the world he endures many challenging and daunting experiences. The pit becomes a shallow depression that leads him to a pathway littered with life's potholes. After a long and arduous journey the road takes an unexpected turn and obstacles fade away. Mick learns to shed an outer covering of sin and fear forced upon him by church and state and finds himself surrounded by the naked truth. This is a story of Mick's journey and the hurdles and milestones encountered along the way.

Sex Is For Sinners ( Love is for leprechauns ) is a page turning riveting journey with Mick Malone. Michael Morel writes with wit, humour and the downright honesty's of life. Although listed as fiction the information within this book is based on Micheal's personal experiences and opinions, thus giving it the feel of an autobiography and the flow of a well told story.

I was amazed, in awe, horrified and with each page wondered what could possible happen next in the life of Mick. From birth, to relationships, spirituality, growth and the pitfalls of life Mick holds his head high showing that all hurdles in life can be overcome with a little bit of zest for life and good old fashion positive outlook. When times got tough Mick looked forward and onward toward a new adventure, embracing the lessons the old had given.

There are many messages of life enveloped in Sex Is For Sinners ( Love is for leprechauns ). The journey of alcoholism and its grip on the lives of those affected is one that rings throughout this book. From the abusive wife who battles with the bottle to the husband that stands by her until he can no longer cope. Then there is the children who stand by their mother regardless of the tough times they are put through and the abuse they witness. Throughout the book there is the division of family on many different levels which is far too often the story within our society today. The battle of a man to find himself whilst holding his family together and when this fails the battle for the love and respect of his children from afar. Combining issues in life with the battle with religious belief and upbringing Michael Morel creates in Mick Malone a character that, although fictional, becomes a part of your life and grows within your own soul.

Sex Is For Sinners ( Love is for leprechauns ) grabs at the heart strings with its truth, honest and fictional plot. To travel with Mick Malone is to question life, love and the lessons we learn. Mick Malone does it the hard way, much harder I suppose than a lot of us would, but he survives and learns. He embraces not only what is thrown at him but his new found spirituality and growth. He finds happiness, he looses it and then he finds it again, a way of life that is often to familiar to many, but most of all he survives.

I loved this book. I admit the title threw me a little and I wondered if it was the type of book for me but never at any one time did I regret picking this book up. This is an amazing journey of life. It is an honest book written from the heart. A book that has you thinking, considering, and at times thankful
for, the life you have today and the life that is ahead of you. It is inspiring, lighthearted, funny and fulfilling. A great read for both men and women. Sex Is For Sinners ( Love is for leprechauns ) is a book that until read will never really be understood or appreciated. Reviewing this book cannot do it the justice it deserves.....well done Michael Morel, in Sex Is For Sinners ( Love is for leprechauns ) you have found your place.

ISBN: 1-921362-43-X

Publisher: Sid Harta Publishers Pty Ltd

Purchase online at: www.michaelmorel.com

Michael is based in Adelaide South Australia and is available as a guest speaker. He also holds Confidence for life courses......learn more at the above url.

Review: Jennifer Deaves

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Crystal Princess by Kimberly Norton

* As published in Issue 5 January 2012 Rattling Reviews Magazine.

Kelly lives the life of a typical teen in the suburbs of Southern California with her football star boyfriend and loyal best friend. It's her senior year, and she's looking forward to her eighteenth birthday. But her life totally changes when she's abducted by her birth family, a family she didn't even know existed. Meeting her mother and two sisters for the first time is almost too much for her to handle. Kelly learns she is a witch born from a coven of witches with special powers. She's called back to help her family fight the evil, power-hungry  to witch, Victoria, and the Wizard Council, who want to destroy all that Kelly's family holds dear before the Immortality Ceremony, a ceremony that will seal and the girls' fate and powers for all eternity.

To make things even more complicated, Kelly falls in love with an Indian named Max White Bear. But because of a longstanding tradition, their relationship is a hard sell to the chief of the Indian tribe.

I have to be honest on my initial thoughts of this young adult novel and say that upon reading the back of the book (above) I wondered how I was going to get through it. “Not another weak, drawn out witch craft teen book”, were my initial thoughts. But how wrong I was. By the end of the first few chapters I was hooked and wanting to read more.

Kimberley Norton weaves a fantasy tail that reads smoothly and mysteriously. As she introduces more and more characters you wonder where the plot is taking you. You become involved in the life of Kelly and become at one with a girl who struggles with friends, family and life yet embraces her new found family and what lays ahead of her. Kelly is a character that all young ladies would easily relate to, with Max White Bear being the dreamy man they would all like to fall in love with.

Kimberley Norton writes with description and flair. Her writing is softly spoken, gently guiding you into a world that, although fantasy, seems so real. I floated through this book, taking a gentle ride with Kelly and her family. When moments within the book became tense and exciting I still drifted through Kimberley Norton's make believe land with the anticipation of what was yet to come.

The Crystal Princess is one of those books that just exudes warmth, love, mystery and magic. It feels good in the hand with its smooth glossy cover that is gentle on the eyes yet enticing. It is easy to read and at 121 pages comes in at just enough reading to make you think you can complete the book but upon completion it leaves you wanting more.

The Crystal Princess is the first in a series by Kimberly Norton.

ISBN: 978 – 1 – 61739 – 547 – 5

Review by Jennifer Deaves

A teenagers perspective:

"The Crystal Princess is the gripping tale of a young girl (Kelly) who seems to live a perfectly normal life, until one day her life is changed forever. Everything she's known, is the unknown and anything she thought was impossible, is possible.

Page by page I followed Kelly on her exciting adventures of self discovery, magic and love.  While the story line is slightly predictable, the book in a whole is exciting and I found myself constantly intrigued as to what was going to happen next. The story line is easy to follow, well written and descriptive. I found I could relate to Kelly well and could easily picture all the places she went, the people she met and everything she did, meaning the book had a 'real' feeling to it.

While I did find the book hard to get into in the beginning, I'm glad I didn't let that detere me from reading any further or I would of missed out on a wonderful adventure.  I would recommend this book to anyone aged 12 - 16 years as it's an easy read. " - Samantha.

Copies of The Crystal Princess can be ordered online at www.tatepublishing.com

Join Kimberly Norton on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kimberly-Norton/158828934159434?sk=info

Mum's Lounge

As published in Issue 5 January 2012 Rattling Reviews Magazine

Mums Lounge -  a great place to shop till you drop in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. A place to meet other mums, resource and realise that you are a women of the world with kids in tow.

At www.mumslounge.com.au they have it all covered. From shopping to the games centre, printouts to keep the kids happy, a forum for mums, Joelene's Mumbo Jumbo, recipes, things to do with the kids, competitions, baby bargains and hot specials, there is something new and exciting every time you log on.

I found Mums Lounge to be easy to navigate and user friendly, although I did find the fact that the pictures at the top of the page stayed the same when changing from one page to another a little annoying. This meant scrolling down beyond them when reading each page and was unnecessary download with each page opened. The pictures are quite comical and sit nicely with the concept of the page but I did question what their use was and was a little 'over' looking at them by the time I had navigated a few pages. It must be noted though that this did not take away the pleasurable experience I have had on the site which I have visited more than once. What has appealed to myself the most about Mums Lounge was the fact that all I needed was accessible in the one place. Knowing that all you need do is go to the one site to do more than one thing is a great time saver for busy mums.

So where do you go when you need another mum to talk to or feel a meltdown coming on? Why not visit Mums Lounge? Jump online introduce yourself and join in on some of the current discussion topics. At the time of writing this review there were over 306 topics being discussed so there is surely to be someone who has an answer to your question. And of course being mums they all understand exactly what you are going through and how you feel. Topics are not only limited to the kids but also cover those of relationships, work and just being a women. In the Mums Lounge forum you are really understood and made feel welcome. Feeling as though you need a little more help than what you found on Mums Lounge, well they have that covered to. Simple click on the support for parents tab for a link of organisations who can give you that little extra advice.

Shopping, what women doesn't love it! Mums Lounge has it covered from clothes for the whole family to toys, photography, beauty, giftware, d├ęcor, fitness, health and even a listing on nannys/babysitters who are ready to give you that well earned break. What's even better is by registering you can save up to 80% off retail prices.

Mums Lounge is more than just web site, it is a community. A virtual world that offers friendship and advice, placing the smile back on your face.

We asked Betty, founder of Pass It Forward Gifts to have a look at Mums lounge and tell us what she thought:

Was Mums Lounge easy to navigate?
Yes, surprisingly easy to navigate with the amount of information you can access from the one website. The website is very user friendly, bright and cheery!

Was the information useful?

* Yes very relevant for mums and mums to be - perfect for advertisers targeting that market and written in plain english in short, sharp language for the time poor!

Did you subscribe?

Actually I tried to but got a technical error message which was disappointing. I was attracted to the 80% off retail message immediately - its a great incentive for women and an easy catch.

Would you visit again?

Yes for sure - I am considering advertising on there and enquiring about including my products if I can. It is a great website, information rich and perfect for mums.

Visit Mums Lounge at www.mumslounge.com.au

Join them on Facebook to be kept up to date with competitions, offers and promotions.


review: Jennifer Deaves

As published in Issue 5 January 2012 Rattling Reviews Magazine.

With so many modern cloth nappies on the market it is often hard for mums to choose. This month our reviewer Kelly Azuma, mum to 9 month old Haru, put Snappy Nappy to the test.

I received 2 nappies, one which was light blue and had a very hippy peace and love design and the other one was a denim design with a matching wet bag and 3 flushable liners. Both nappies are funky in design but also lovely and soft on the inside next to baby’s skin.

I found these nappies really easy to use because they have a similar design to a disposable nappy in that they have tabs on each side with buttons that click into the matching buttons on the front.  For a beginner like me, I found no directions were actually needed here as they fit together well.

The microfibre inserts are lovely and thick and soak up all the urine perfectly. They are so easy to wash as well, and even though one day there was a very messy poo, by simply washing it in the machine and hanging it on the washing line, all the stains came out and after it dried it was white and bright like before use, which I think is amazing. I liked the fact that the wet bag came with the nappy and it matched the design on the nappy. The wet bag itself is quite large and it keeps all wetness contained inside. The only negative I have about the bag is that it is hard to pull together, because the drawstring is more of a string through a buckle, instead of the traditional drawstring open/close. So I would prefer it if the buckle was taken out and just a normal drawstring was used.The flushable liners are really handy to have as well and are easy to dispose of, but I’m not sure if I would regularly use them as I think the nappy is fine without them.

During the time I used the nappies my 9 month old son has been teething quite badly and has been urinating a lot, but not once did the urine ever leak, and that’s a major plus for these nappies as far as I’m concerned. Almost every brand we’ve used in the past has leaked, so I definitely feel really good about purchasing these nappies because they are really good quality, and also, a single nappy is only $20 which in my opinion is very reasonable.

The Snappy Nappy website is really bright and colourful, and it makes buying nappies really fun. It’s easy to use, setting out all options such as single modern cloth nappies, packs, and accessories plus instructions and general care. It was nice to see there is a video on how to put on a cloth nappy plus a picture guide, and tips on washing and drying.

I was pleased to see that delivery options and prices are clearly set out on the website, and that there is even a lay-by option, which I think is really wonderful. It’s also great that they have a gift voucher option so that you can gift your friends and family quality modern cloth nappies for their babies.

In all, I was really happy with the quality of Snappy Nappy modern cloth nappies, the design of the nappy and the usability. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these nappies to other mums and will consider buying more of them.

Find out more about Snappy Nappy at: www.snappynappy.com.au

Haru, 9 months, in his stylish Snappy Nappy

Laser Zone Lawntown Qld

 * As published in issue 5 January 2012 Rattling Reviews Magazine

Get a blast from the past... It’s times like these when you see your children screaming & pulling each other’s hair. That’s when you remember your childhood and doing the same thing, back when your parents wanted to strangle your neck & throw you outside to play. Well times have changed & today a solution is LAZER ZONE! Yes, a place where you can now shoot your children without the law chasing you, not unless it’s an off duty one doing the same with their kids. Lazer Zone is the place where you can at least let your children run wild & wreck their place instead of yours while you & other parents can relax in an air conditioned building having coffee, tea or just your usual junk food attires. But if you don’t want to sit with the boring parents you can at least ease the pain and join in the fun and shoot to kill the rug rats. My family & I enjoyed it immensely. As I haven’t been to Lazer Zone in 18yrs, the technology has improved. We are returning very soon – Dennis, 41.

I had a great time. If I had the choice I would definitely return. Laser tag was easy to play once I got the hang of it. I would of liked to have seen more variety in arcade games but I still enjoyed the games that were there. The main reason I went was to shoot others in laser tag and this was a fantastic experience. - Alexander, 13.

Laser Zone was fantasic! What an adrenaline rush! The staff were friendly and the arcade was awesome fun. The atmosphere of the whole place is just incredible. I highly recommend it to anyone! - Samantha, 18

Our Mission...... to find a place where the kids can run whilst making as much noise as they like. A place where mum and dad can choose to relax and watch or release the stress and shoot a kid or two.

Mission Accomplished..... A visit to Laserzone Lawntown Qld. A place where technology rules and peace and quiet are long forgotten.

Laserzone is suitable for the whole family, young and old. Whilst our older kids, and kid at heart, let of steam the younger children, and more serious mum, enjoyed the arcade games and food.

Laser Tag is a high-tech sport that has players wearing computerised vests or packs and handheld "phasers" attempting to achieve a winning score by zapping opponents players, base stations, and other targets within a playing arena or maze. Upon the completion of each round roars can be heard as groups of players huddle around the board in the foyer checking scores and winners. Parents  need not be concerned about the safety and well being of their children during play as a five minute briefing at the beginning of the game has Laser Zone staff explaining the operation of the packs, arena devices and safety rules. When playing more than one mission there is a 12 minute gap between each mission, allowing rest and regrouping with the family, although our mob were having such a great time they just wanted to get back in there.

Laser Tag is suitable for all levels of fitness as it can be played at your own pace. As long as you are comfortable doing some quiet walking, which may involve going up slight inclines, then you are fit enough to play. Although played in a darkened area it is not completely pitch black and should not scare the younger player. The arena is well lit with blacklights which causes the abundant use of fluorescent paints and materials in the arena to glow brightly. When looking down from the viewing platform as a spectator the effect is quiet exhilarating.

Looking for a great place to hold a birthday party. Laserzone may be the place you are looking for. With space that can accommodate up to 30 players large groups are never a problem. Sporting clubs, schools and corporate groups are also catered for.

We loved our afternoon at Laserzone Lawntown. The day we attended was hot and sultry outside, a day the kids would be cooped up feeling the heat and not wanting to run around. A visit to Laserzone allowed them to cool off in air conditioned comfort whilst releasing the energy of an outside activity.  No matter what the weather outdoors Laser Zone has it covered.

So next time the kids say “Mum I'm bored” or you are tearing your hair out trying to cope with the ruckus and  mayhem jump on line and book a session at Laserzone where the staff are friendly, the kids are happy and the troubles of life are left behind.

Find out more at: www.laserzone.com.au

Join them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/LaserzoneLawnton

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Custom Cakes Adelaide

Custom Cakes Adelaide

Creating Edible Masterpieces

Located in Valley View South Australia Custom Cakes hand makes and designs cakes for all occasions, servicing all areas. Tracey needs only 14 days notice for birthday and novelty cakes with 4 weeks required for wedding cakes. All cakes are made from scratch with sugar flowers being made by hand. At Custom Cakes Adelaide you get more than just a cake, you get an edible masterpiece made to your specifications and colours.

When our photographer Samantha had an 18th birthday we decided to do a mystery shop online for the cake. Initially coming across Custom Cakes Adelaide on Facebook we visited their site and were impressed with what we saw. From initial contact with Tracey to the delivery of our cake we couldn't be happier. Tracey was efficient, polite, courteous and very helpful at all times. She was more than helpful with ideas to meet the party theme of naughty or nice and worked alongside us making sure the day was special.

So how do you freight a cake 444km's across a state? A question that Tracey went out of her way to answer and a problem she worked alongside us to solve. With our heart set on the design that Tracey had come up with for us we were soon to discover that there is not a courier company in South Australia who would deliver food products. Feeling disheartened but not that all was lost we continue to work with Tracey to find another solution. Along came Premier Stateliner Coach Group to help us out. They were more than happy to cart our cake on their coach from Adelaide to Millicent making sure we got it on time. Tracey was more than willing to make sure the cake and cake pops were delivered to the bus depot in Adelaide very early in the morning for collection by ourselves late that afternoon. We could not have asked for better service from Tracey or from Premier Stateline.

During the cake making process Tracey kept us up to date with the stages, sending us photo's of the final product after confirming whether we wanted photo's or preferred it be a surprise. We did not find seeing the cake before it arrived ruined the event, it only added to our anticipation and excitement of the arrival. When the cake and cake pops arrived they were more amazing than we had anticipated. All were packaged securely, although we did loose a few of the cake pops, this not being due to packaging but due to the risk we took with design. As this was the first time Tracey had delivered a cake in this manner it was a learning experience for her which she coped with without a hint of nervousness and with professionalism and positivity.

Custom Cakes Adelaide provide cakes in various different shapes and flavours. We chose chocolate and chai latte and were not disappointed. The cakes were moist and flavoursome with guests talking about the chai latte cake weeks later. The cake pops were flavoured the same as the cake and complimented it immensely. The cake was definitely the discussion of the party....... a masterpiece that really was too good to cut.

We couldn't have been more happier with Custom Cakes, the service and the delivery. We found the prices to be more than reasonable for the time spent working with us on the design and for what we received as the final product. Tracey is a credit to herself, working diligently and professionally. She is more than just a cake decorator she is an artist with talent and flair.

View creations by Custom Cakes Adelaide and find out how to order at www.customcakes.info

Genevieve Swimwear

   * as published in Good Gabble                                    

                                  You Are Beautiful!

 With the warmer weather approaching many are looking at their body and wondering how the extra winter curves are going to look in last years swimwear. I myself have hit the gym over the past few weeks and considered diet options. It is at this time of the year that we often begin to feel depressed about the way we look. Should this be the case? Does society have us placing unrealistic expectations on ourselves? We cannot all be model material. Looking around at society we will see that curves, bulges and larger sizes are actually more the norm than the media like us to think.

A couple of weeks ago I had an inspiring conversation, or more to the point a belly giggle, with Ruth Glasgow from Genevieve Swimwear who provide a range of  flattering costumes for sizing 16 to 30. Ruth not only made me feel good about myself but made me realise that I am me. I am built to cuddle not to model. I am beautiful just the way I am and I deserve to feel this way. I will continue to hit the gym but for different reasons other than weight loss – for friendship, fitness and me time. I will eat sensibly to help cleanse the skin and for health benefits but I will no longer look at those models and say “ I wish that was me” for I am beautiful, curves and all.

Genevieve Swimwear create designer swimwear with a passion for the mature women. Yes I am mature, not old, and proud of it. It is part of me.....my history, my experiences and my life's learning journey. To be mature does not mean you cannot be stunning, beautiful and stylish. A lot of swimwear for the older lady is designed in dull boring colours that can be depressive and leave you feeling old and frumpy when standing on the beach next to the younger women. When going through the Genevieve Swimwear catalogue I was impressed with the vibrant colours and patterns that accentuate curves and the bustline taking away from the unflattering parts of the more mature figure. Lets be honest as we age bits sag, go out of shape and tend to grow. From year to year the swimsuit from the season before just doesn't flatter the parts it did the previous year. Age is cruel to all of us in different ways but by embracing and accentuating the parts we love we need not feel as though we can no longer be beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

When speaking to Ruth I asked her what the secrets to choosing a piece of swimwear that flattered our body was.

“All women have different ideas of what parts of their body they wish to emphasise.  All our garments are photographed on the body which shows how they fit, so you can select the styles accordingly to your requirements,” says Ruth. “Genevieve Swimwear offer a stunning, on trend collection of fashion and functional swimwear which includes:
Ageless sexy style with built in figure control to suit a range of figure types
A range of printed & plain fabrics with quality lycra shaping properties
Fashion styles to suit a variety of body shapes
A selection of suits to make you feel fabulous and sexy no matter your size or shape, emphasising a variety of flattering silhouettes to give you body confidence
BUST ENHANCING OPTIONS: For those who like to emphasise their bust, Genevieve Swimwear offer  enhancing trims such as beads, frills, strap details to draw attention upwards away from the thighs
THIGH HIDING OPTIONS: For those who like to cover up their thighs we have a selection of styles with flared skirts, or boyleg and lower legline options
TUMMY MINIMISING OPTIONS: We have styles with rouching to cover any lumps and bumps and help you feel sexy and confident
FIGURE MAGIC : Extra heavy gauge lycra used in double layers to help you lose a dress size just by slipping into the swimsuit
WORK OUT swimwear in chlorine resistant enduring fabrics
Masectomy style designed with a special pocket inside the shelf bra lining to hold a prosthesis if required.

So with Spring upon us and Summer not far away I am embracing me. Each morning I shall rise with a spring in my feet, look in the mirror and see curves, bulges and bits and pieces that I can smile at. These are what make me beautiful and unique. None of us have identical curves, they are special to us.

I challenge you to join me. Embrace you! You are beautiful!

This year I am going to treat myself to a piece of swimwear from Genevieve swimwear knowing that I am beautiful. I shall stand tall and proud, confident in me from the inside out.

Visit Genevieve swimwear and take a look for yourself: www.genevieve.com.au

article Jennifer Deaves