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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wisdom for Your Life by Katrina Cavanough

In Wisdom for Your Life Katrina Cavanough provides an easy yet thought provoking book that touches the heart and answers questions.

Whatever your beliefs in life and the spiritual world Wisdom for Your Life is therapy for the soul. Katrina Cavanough has been able use her experience as a social worker in a busy emergency department and her ability to communicate with the souls of those who pass to touch on the topic of death and loss with compassion and heartwarming love. Wisdom for Your Life is more than a book about spirituality and passing over, it is a book full of messages for us all as we continue this path we call life. 

I realised as I read this book that it would not be for everyone. The ability to speak to the dead, to receive messages and to understand that there is a realm beyond the one we live is still too often today looked upon as fake and storytelling. With a spiritual belief of my own I found this book an interesting read and loved the fact that it was an easy read that could be read within a couple of nights. What took me by surprise was Katrina’s mention of seeing Jesus and upon asking him a question receiving a response. There are few who can claim to have seen, even spiritually, ‘the man’ himself or have had the pleasure of having a question answered in the context that Katrina claims.  A few pages on and Katrina speaks to her deceased mother asking her what God is like.

Her mother’s reply “ A presence of energy. It surrounds you and envelopes you. It is warm and nice.”

In my experience it is rare to find a book of a topic such as this one that combines the writers personal religious beliefs in God with that of psychic power and speaking to the deceased. This adds another dimension to this book.

In her chapter Life’s Meaning Katrina’s mother states that she feels she now has an understanding of the meaning of life.

‘ It is only ever about you. That is the greatest lesson. Your hell or heaven on earth is determined by the way you think and feel about yourself in every given moment. I know this now, and I want you to know this, so you can feel the love that you normally are, despite all the wrongdoing. That is the crux of it.”

Katrina ask’s if it is the same for those who really harm others, a question which is often unanswered. This was responded to by the spiritual guardians.

‘Every soul that passes over has harmed someone, something or some place. We all harm one another to varying degrees, from a cruel word to a judgement to taking another’s life - even accidental harm. Whether the harm takes form as a cruel word or an act of murder, the process is the same. The lesson learned when reflecting upon the harm of a cruel word is of course different to the lesson learned when reflecting upon the act of murder; however, the process remains the same. Once the soul leaves the body and passes over, they review their life and learn the lessons they choose to learn through the process of reflection, review and healing.’

Wisdom for Your Life is divided into three sections - An unusual perspective, Death and Life. There are 12 chapters ( 212 pages ) in total. With a smooth cover, easy to turn pages and clear font size it sits nicely as a night time read.
This is a topical book that will have the cogs of the mind churning and will open discussion, with some hot debate to follow.

Wisdom for Your Life is a book on life, even after death. If you are looking for a book that will challenge your beliefs then this is the book for you.

ISBN: 978-1-74331-443-2

Available online at www.allenandunwin.com

Review: Jennifer Douglas 


Monday, August 12, 2013

On the Wind's Breath by Lynette McClenaghan

Martin, a celebrity photographer, and his wife Vanessa, take a holiday in Black Mountain to reignite their relationship. When they become swept up in the death and destruction inflicted by violent weather, Vanessa is convinced that the storms are malevolent, and supernatural in origin. Martin dismisses her fears as fantasy and becomes increasingly more obsessed with photographing the events unfolding around them, placing both their lives at risk.

On the Wind’s Breath is the second book for Melbourne based author Lynette McClenaghan, following in the footsteps of Drew’s Party. Recently published as an e-book On the Wind’s Breath presents as an easy relaxing read.

Black Mountain holds a place in the heart of Martin and Vanessa as a highlight of the earlier days of their relationship. Returning to mark a milestone in their relationship and rekindle the flame they find Black Mountain is not as it use to be. The wind howls and mysterious events cause them to both think differently about what they are seeing and experiencing. Containing freak storms, unexplained accidents and faces that haunt, On the Wind’s Breath is a fiction that has you weary of each breeze that blows your way.

I love the cover of On the Wind’s Breath. Supernatural and eerie yet thought provoking the eyes in the clouds call you and leave you with a feeling of wonderment and mystery, drawing you to the content within. The story line follows through leaving no disappointment on what you expected from the cover or title.

Lynette McClenaghan writes with a relaxed style that is easy to read. On the Wind’s Breath would sit nicely with the teen plus reader, with the main focus of the book being the town and the supernatural experiences that Martin, Vanessa and their new journalist friend George find themselves part of. On the Wind’s Breath blends the difficulties found within relationships with that of making new friends. Lynette McClenaghan turns the simple natural event of wind and the devastation nature can cause into a supernatural experience that touches the lives of many and takes the characters on an unexpected journey. Within On the Wind’s Breath Lynette McClenaghan has successfully used the reality of progression within society, life, love and relationships to create mystery and supernatural events. 

I was surprised to find On the Wind’s Breath listed on Google books as Fiction/Horror/ Occult and Supernatural. I do not feel it contained the strength of suspense that readers of these genre would be seeking. It is easy to see where the supernatural comes into play with the wind having a mind of it’s own and faces appearing but the horror I could not see and the occult to a minimum. This listing could lead to disappointment by those who are readers of horror/occult fiction.
Overall On the Wind’s Breath is a light read suitable for all. It presents and sits nicely on the e-reader and provides the break from reality that is often needed when sinking yourself into a book.
For further information visit www.lynettemcclenaghanauthor.com
ISBN: 978-0-9875408-2-9
Available in eBook at www.palmerhiggsbooks.com.au  
review: Jennifer Deaves