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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Inviolate by Karen Turner

Inviolate is the third book by Karen Turner with All That and Everything, a compilation of short stories, being her first. Following her second book Torn, Inviolate continues the journey with Alexandra Broughton, a young 19 year old who, after turning to her only source of hope, an arranged marriage, finds the man she married is not all she thought he would be. Struggling with her love for another Alex makes every effort possible to fit into her married life, a life that leads to a web of deceit, lies, betrayal, violence and personal loss. Against the advice and approval of others she continues to seek the love of the man who is dear to her heart. 

Within Inviolate Karen Turner has once again shown her strength as a romance writer, providing all that is required with a little bit more. For myself this book was more than a romance, it was an adventure full of twist, turns, emotions and the strong will of a young lady who’s determination see’s her battle against expectations of the era. Inviolate took me on an emotional roller coaster from page to page. At times I was gripping the edge of my seat, holding on tight, willing Alexandra to leave her unsatisfactory husband behind and seek the love she so deserved. I laughed at times and I cried at the loss and pain. At times I found tears rolling down my cheeks leading me to having to put the book down and walk away, coming back only after I had composed myself. 

I loved the way Karen Turner connected Inviolate with Torn yet allow’s it to stand alone. I felt as though it was only yesterday that I had read Torn yet when I looked back at the date of my review a whole year had passed. As the reader I immediately fitted snugly back into the life of Alexandra Broughton, feeling as though I was visiting an old friend. In the first instance I yet again met the old crone who instantly reopened my intrigue. I was left wondering who this ghostly lady that continues to appear before Alex was. The lady who’s warning before her wedding she ignored. 

Love! Love! Loved this book! From my first read by Karen Turner to this latest my only disappointment has been that each book has come to an end. If you love a good romance that tears at your heart and offers the determination of a young lady in love who dares to follow her heart then both Torn and Inviolate are for you. 

Visit Karen Turner: www.karenturner.com.au

Inviolate is available from all good book stores and on-line retailers.

Review: Jennifer Douglas 

Jennifer is the manager of Jennifer Douglas Literary Publicist and a supporter of self published authors and independent bookstore. She believes in a world where positivity is the norm and negativity is long forgotten, focusing on the rights of all authors to equality. 

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Thornydevils by TW Lawless

Homecountry had them talking but Thornydevils is leaving them speechless ~ Jennifer Douglas

The above phrase is one I posted on Facebook explaining exactly how I felt after reading Thornydevils by TW Lawless. In my review of Homecountry I write ‘ Homecountry by TW Lawless shows the strength of this Australian writers ability to produce a novel that not only captivates but puts you in a place of reality. TW Lawless entertains with humor. drama, love and a little bit of country lunacy.‘

Within Thornydevils TW Lawless has gone from strength to strength. I would not have thought this author could produce a novel more compelling than Homecountry yet in Thornydevils he has done just this.

Thornydevils is book two in the Peter Clancy series, yet it stands alone. Set in Melbourne 1989, Thornydevils once again follows Peter Clancy as he investigates local organised crime. Still living a hard life, drinking too much and chasing the ladies, Peter continues his job as a journalist for the Melbourne Truth.

I will have to admit I have fallen in love with the fictitional character of Peter Clancy. There is something about this hard-drinking Australian larrikin that you just have to love. He falls in love easily, showing the soft side of the hard exterior. He is a hard drinker who keeps one on their toes, wondering what sort of trouble he will find himself in next. TW Lawless has teamed Peter Clancy with some unlikely characters in those of Concheeta, the drag queen, and her boyfriend Ted, Poppy, a lawyer and love interest of Peter’s, and Slugger Douglas to name but a few. The old favourites of Sam, Dave and the crew at the Melbourne Truth Newspaper all make an appearance, giving you the feeling of being back with the family.

Thornydevils is a fast pace novel with twists and turns you never see coming. As an author TW Lawless represents Australia and its people exactly as they are - honest, unpretentious and hardworking. Thornydevils is full of larrikins who at times drop the odd swear word but fit snuggly into the plot. There is a little raunchy sex, drugs and a sinister plot which takes you on a journey of crime and bloodshed. TW Lawless writes with pure Australian brutality and honesty. It is this that creates the strength within his series and has those who read it talking.

If you are seeking a true Australian author who throws it all on the table then you cannot go past TW Lawless. Homecountry reached the top 20 for books and e-books on Amazon.com ( Australian genre ), with rankings as high as 7 for kindle and 8 for books. It recently reached 3,781 overall on Amazon, a position most authors can only dream of due to the overall worldwide competition. In the hard-boiled category Homecountry sat at number 18, not that far behind the famous Australian thriller writer Peter Corris, who sat at number 11.

Although just released Thornydevils is following hot on the heels of Homecountry, giving crime thriller writers competition and readers the thrill they are after.

Find out more about TW Lawless and purchase copies of both his books www.twlawless.com

Available in paperback and e-book at www.Amazon.com

review: Jennifer Douglas

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Alphabet Soup My life on and off screen by Melissa Doyle

A memoir of short snippets of the life of Melissa Doyle, Alphabet Soup presents to its reader the more personal life of the woman who has touched our hearts through our television for many years. 

Alphabet Soup fell onto my desk unannounced at a time when I had a lot to read but with a well known figure on the front cover I was intrigued. I will be honest and say my first thoughts were that of ‘not another book written by a celebrity journalist’. Those who know me and my book preferences will know that books written by journalists are usually steered clear of as I find them to be dry and lifeless. This was not the case when it came to Alphabet Soup by Melissa Doyle.

Melissa Doyle writes with wit, a mothers touch and a sense of expression. I had a giggle and I related. As a working mum Melissa made me feel normal and had me realising that I was not the only woman that felt she needed to possess super human powers to achieve the life she desired. Alphabet Soup shows the ‘human’ side of Melissa Doyle. Love her or hate her you soon realise she is just like every other woman who is trying to balance a career and family life. 

At times I did feel some of the memoirs within Alphabet Soup were a little short, wondering what the point or message was, but each was amusing and fulfilling in it’s own right. At no time did I feel Melissa was bragging, gossiping or big noting herself. She writes as the girl next door who has been waking at 3am for many years to bring the happenings around Australia to our television screens. I do wonder how her kids will feel when they hit young adulthood and realise that the things they did as kids has been recorded for the world to read for years to come. 

Alphabet Soup is a quick read for the busy woman. Suited as a weekend read or to be read as a memoir a night upon retiring, it is lighthearted and inviting. Alphabet Soup could be said to be a bit like a series of blogs within a book written by a mother that is there to help other mothers feel good about themselves. It is a nice book written by a lovely lady with a heart of gold and a smile that lights up a room. The world needs all the niceness and kindness it can get but I can’t help feeling Melissa Doyle played it a little too nice and safe at times, leaving Alphabet Soup lacking that little something that gives it the pizazz I would have liked to have seen. To me it was just a read. Without her celebrity status the weight of the book would be light and airy and probably be something I would not have continue to read or would have read over many weeks whilst reading something else at the same time.

Overall Alphabet Soup by Melissa Doyle is worth a read if you are a fan of Melissa’s or a working woman who wants to feel as though she is not alone. If you are looking for a book that lacks a lot of deep thought and concentration for a lazy weekend read then Alphabet Soup may suit your needs. 
ISBN: 978-1-74237-527-4
Visit Melissa Doyle online: www.melissadoyle.com.au
Available from www.allenandunwin.com

review: Jennifer Douglas

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Shadowlands by Alan.S. Kessler

Shadowlands by Alan S. Kessler is a psychological horror that left me thinking about life as I see it and reflecting on the thoughts of the main character Steve Goldblatt. Shadowlands is written in the first person, softening the impact of the cruelness within whilst creating a novel that plays with your mind in a thrilling yet disturbing way.

Although Kessler has the ability to use strong imagery I found the first few chapters of Shadowlands a little slow and difficult to follow. I will admit that once I got use to the writing style of Kessler I was reading with intrigue from page to page. For myself part of the slow beginning was due to having to take my mind and place it within that of Steve Goldblatt, absorbing the way his psych works.  In Goldblatt Kessler has developed a character that harvests a lot of hurt, carrying a wounded and battered soul. Shadowlands is psychological horror at it’s best. It is difficult to find any normality within the pages. Just when you think you have the mind of Goldblatt figured out along comes a twist that has your own mind whirling. 

After reading Shadowlands I was left with thoughts that I found hard to clear in my mind. I found myself doing a little internet searching to see if others had sat in the place I was. It seems the views of Shadowlands are varied but one thing all agree with is that it is a psychological thriller that will leave you as my mind was left - whirling, twisting and wondering. I felt at unease yet wanted to start from the beginning all over again. All agreed that fans of Edgar Allen Poe would thoroughly enjoy the writings of Kessler

Indie Books R Us ( http://indiebooksrus.wordpress.com ) writes: “ This is truly Kessler’s style–you’re never ever quite comfortable with what you’re reading, and sometimes you’re not entirely sure why.”

I have to say I totally agree with them but just had to keep reading until I was sure I was deeply in the mind of Goldblatt, yet I feel I never was. 

In closing Indie Books R Us state “ ...if you’re not okay with not knowing 100% of what’s going on, you may want to pass.”  

I am unsure how I feel about this statement. I feel that if I had passed on Shadowlands I would never have had the opportunity of that of being introduced to the literary world of Alan S. Kessler. I will agree that Shadowlands is not a book for everyone but if the genre of psychological horror is one of interest then Kessler is not to be passed by.  On Kessler’s site there is a quote from Village Book Review “ ...Creepy, surreal, unconventional and strange, definitely an original read.”

Original is a word that can be used to describe Shadowlands by Alan S. Kessler but I would more tend to refer to this literary piece as a work of mind blowing psychological suspense that has you turning pages and wondering why and how. 
Find out more about Shadowlands and other works by Alan S. Kessler at www.askessler.com.
Copies of Shadowlands can be purchased from Barnes & Noble, Vook Store, Amazon and Apple.

review: Jennifer Douglas