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Friday, August 31, 2012


* As seen in Issue 5 January 2012 Rattling Reviews Magazine.

Educating Our Children Through Play-based Activities

The Quins Group is a Melbourne-based, Australian owned company who are leading the way in supplying educational toys, teaching equipment and furniture to our early childhood market. With a variety of toys suiting birth to seven years, Q Toys are ensuring that children in our schools and child care centres receive the developmental stimulation through play-based learning that is required to give them the best start in life.

Originally founded by Dr. Quan Nguyen and Cathy Dang, M.Ed, Q Toys has grown over the years to include artists, teachers, engineers and industrial designers, who's expertise and experiences help them to blend the educational value of toys, fun and childhood imagination with high quality timber design. All Q Toys products are eco-friendly being made from plantation timber off recycled rubber trees. All designs are crafted by highly skilled craftsmen and have a specific educational function in order to foster children's physical and mental development. All products carry a 12 month from date of purchase warranty.

We couldn't be more impressed with Q Toys when we trial ran the Stacking Pegs Board. This consists of a wooden base board with 5 rows of different coloured shapes consisting of 20 pegs in total. The feel and consistency of  the wood was one that was smooth, glossy and very appealing. The printed shapes at the beginning of each row where clear with no missing paint. We found the Stacking Pegs Board to be a high quality and value for money toy. We were shocked at the price of only $19.95 wholesale.

We tested the peg board with a 4 year old and found it met both her expectations and those of the educational value we placed upon it. There were a number of learning values in this toy, from shape recognition, colour, stacking, counting, comparison, sorting and problem solving. Interaction with an adult promoted language and numeracy skills and provided opportunity for forward planning and memory recall. The Stacking Pegs Board soon became a favourite that was manipulated each day. To date it has stood to the challenge showing no chips to the paint or wood and holding the as new look. At no time has there been any risk of splintering of the wood causing harm to the child.

After further research into the toys provided by Q Toys we found all products to be of high standard and as described. We can happily say we feel that Q Toys are meeting their mission of designing and manufacturing products that are instrumental to physical and mental development of children from birth to seven years old. We found all toys to comply with the Australian and New Zealand toys safety standards as stated on the site. We did not find any evidence of toys or equipment which would place a child at risk.

For further information on Q Toys and to find a stockist in your area visit www.qtoys.com.au

article: Jennifer Deaves

Does God Give Us More Than We Can Bear? by Jerry Smith

'The child of a raped housekeeper who was deaf, mute, and poor, Jerry Smith had trouble before he even started. Does God Give Us More Than We Can Bear? takes readers through disappointments and failures as Jerry does his best to battle overwhelming odds with a deck seemingly stacked against him. Did God give Jerry more than he could bear? As an aging Jerry ponders this very question, he is diagnosed with an untreatable and terminal lung disease. With nowhere left to turn and a deadline with fate, God then reveals his plan for Jerry's life. Now, cured of his previously incurable disease but still suffering the damage caused, Jerry has been given new direction and shares with readers his struggles, stories and wisdom. In these recollections, he reveals hope, a light for the darkest days, years, and even decades. Jerry's story is the perfect example of how God will use anything for good, even when it seems most unlikely. He now lives to share his story, the hope he has, and how the lessons learned can change lives.'

This little package of a book is an easy to read account of one mans journey to answer his question Does God Give Us More Than We Can Bear? This journey has lead to Jerry Smith being able to awake each morning saying “ Wow! Its great to be alive.”

As one who does not find themselves using the word God in their vocabulary on a regular basis I first read the title of this book and wonder if the religious connotation may mean that the contents were based on ones religious views. I hesitantly began reading and found that I was soon wrong. This book is suitable for all regardless of beliefs or culture.

What would you do if you were diagnosed with lung cancer and told you had a life expectancy of 6 months to 2 years? Once the shock, anger, rage and fear wore off would you accept your fate or seek all treatment possible hoping for a better outcome? The later is exactly what Jerry Smith did and today he lives to tell the story of his life, instilling hope and empowerment into others.

As I read I realised that no matter what upbringing we have and no matter where we come from we can rise above our hardships and misfortunes and follow our dreams and happiness. It is often in hard times that we stop and reassess our life and outlook. When given his 'sentence of death' this was exactly what Jerry Smith did. When he looked back on his life he realised that he never really had a sense of purpose. He states that since writing this book his life has been a continued journey in which he explores new paths daily.

Does God Give Us More Than We Can Bear? by Jerry Smith is easy to read and, being smaller than the normal paperback, fits snuggly into the handbag or briefcase for reading at any location. It is not just a book but a book with a message that one man needed to tell and, being in its second edition, many needed to hear.

ISBN: 978-1-6346-596-7

Available online at:www.tatepublishing.com

Jerry Smith can be found at: www.jerrysmith.org

Review: Jennifer Deaves

Oz Web Rewards

* As published in Rattling Reviews

Promoting Australian-based websites to Australian Consumers

Oz Web Rewards is a new innovative site that is providing the consumer with a one stop place to shop. With just the click of their mouse the consumer has access to many shopping sites and, best of all, are rewarded by Oz Web Rewards for shopping.

Joining Oz Web Rewards is a simple process taking only a minute. Email verification is required but this process was instant. We loved the variety of products we found on this site and the fact that we are supporting Australian-based companies. As we browsed we found we were able to meet the needs of the whole family with the availability of food and alcohol, clothes, accessories, household goods, lingerie, arts and crafts, electronics and games and entertainment. Navigation and access was easy and quick with all merchant sites being of high standard with quick download.

Oz Web Rewards is still growing their merchant list but already provide a professional standard. With a clear logo that can be found on the sites of their partnered merchants it is clear to the consumer that they are dealing with two companies that are linked and that their Oz Web Reward points are only a click away.

The rewards system at Oz Web Rewards is simple. When you complete a transaction from a merchant affiliated with Oz Rewards you earn 5% of the sales price in points. Oz Web Rewards allows you to shop over a large array of independent stores and accumulate your points. The more you shop the more your points grow. When you are ready, or have enough points, you simply log into Oz Web Rewards and choose your gift from the large array of products. Oz Web Rewards is free with no catches or gimmicks and best of all they are providing a great service to both consumer and merchant. Merchant support and easy contact information make dealing with this company a pleasurable experience. They recognise the importance of the 'little ' man in business and the importance of supporting fellow Australians.

Oz Web Reward is about uniting Australian-based business's and consumers through a free, no fuss, satisfaction guaranteed site that rewards the consumer for letting their fingers do the walking at a time that suits them and for doing what they love to do......shop. They provide a personal shopping experience that takes your needs into consideration. Oz Web Rewards makes you, the consumer, feel important.

We asked Betty Zeritis from Pass It Forward Gifts (www.passitforwardgifts.com.au) what she thought of Oz Web Rewards.

I have reviewed this site and I have to say it is definitely one of the best merchant sites that I have seen - I was very attracted to their offer and quickly signed up myself.

It is a very attractive and well organised website, easy to navigate and motivating. Functionality is excellent and service was very prompt and professional.

I like the fact that they are very open, clear and transparent – a lot of sites of this nature are confusing, you don't know who is behind there and the best you get is a virtual chat box or contact form (fingers crossed someone is on the receiving end and bothers to respond). Happy to see a local contact number and the fact that I was quickly contacted by a gentleman when I signed up offering assistance.

Support Australian business and be rewarded! Love it. 

Review: Jennifer Deaves

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Curses and Blessings for All Occasions by Bradley Trevor Greive

 “May shopping trolleys that refuse to roll straight steer you clear of misfortune and into the arms of love” - Bradley Trevor Grieve

Hilarious, outrages and down right funny is the only way to really describe Curses and Blessings for all Occasions by Bradley Trevor Greive. There are times you are so angry you need to curse, and then laugh and turn your anger away, and this is the book just for those occasions.

Having never read a book by Bradley Trevor Greive and, to be honest with you, having never heard of him I at first wondered what this book was and what was it's purpose. It then occurred to me that Bradley Trevor Greive ( BTG) is not a man to be taken seriously. From introduction to the very last page his wacky humor and fun loving look on life leaves you laughing, wondering and shaking your head at how the mind of this man see's life. My soft subtle giggle that started with the books introduction soon burst into a full on belly giggling laugh that had tears rolling down my face. I read this book whilst in the presence of  family and friends and soon found I could not keep the pages to myself as stares of disbelief and wonderment glared my way. All present were sure I had lost my marbles.

Curses and Blessings for All Occasions has something for everyone. Some pages left me wondering whether they were blessings or curses, leaving them open to be used as felt warranted, but then again would one really use these blessings in any situation other than to giggle their day away. The comical black and white drawings of lovable animals compliments the book adding extra humor and wonderment. Although children would never understand the wit of BTG my five year old daughter saw the humor in the pictures as we discussed why mummy had lost her marbles and was rolling on the floor in laughter. A splash of red and blue throughout the drawing builds colour and character to the black and white theme.

“May you be reunited with your lost socks in the after life”  Well BTG I sure hope so as this will solve the mystery of where they have gone and put a stop to the stress of trying to pair them.

Curses and Blessing for All Occasions is one of the most versatile and diverse books I have come across in a long time. Depending on your love of life, viewpoint and the one you are aiming your slur at it leads itself to the interpretation of the individual. For my son, a lover of cats,“May cats acknowledge you”  would compliment  his day. For myself my day would need readjusting. “May your neighbours rooster have a sore throat”, well what a blessing that would be, unless of course you use the rooster as your daily morning alarm clock.

Being one who believes in a place where positivity and happiness should be the norm and negativity should be long forgotten I love this book. I feel it has a place within society where it will brighten the day of those who are blessed enough to be given the opportunity to read it's pages. Curses and Blessings for All Occasions is a must have coffee table book in all homes and business's. Your guests will surely leave with a spring in their feet and a memory in their heart.

They say laughter is the best medicine..... then Bradley Trevor Grieve is definitely the doctor.

CURSES & BLESSINGS FOR ALL OCCASIONS by Bradley Trevor Greive, published by Allen & Unwin, RRP $16.99, is available now.

Grab your copy online:

“ May you smile so much that you sprain a dimple” - Bradley Trevor Greive

reviewed by Jennifer Deaves

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy - E L James

With all the media hype of late I thought I would put to the test the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy by E L James – Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shade Darker, Fifty Shades Freed. This is the first time I have ever read an erotic romance, not usually my cup of tea, so was hesitant as to how I was going to feel. Well my hesitation and uncertainty was soon put to rest as I turned page by page with anticipation.

“Romantic, liberating and totally addictive, this is a novel that will obsess you, possess you and stay with you forever” is written on the back cover of book one, Fifty Shades of Grey, and how correct it is. As soon as I finished the last page I was rushing out to buy the next two in the trilogy. No one dare disturb me as I sunk myself into the wild and seductive, yet romantic, world of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey.

As a liberated and open minded person I did not find the dominant/submissive sexual fantasy of Christian Grey overwhelming or hard to deal with, nor did I find them sexual stimulating, but some may. Hey each to there own I say, it takes all sorts to make the world go around. I find the human mind and lifestyles of others interesting and intriguing and although fiction this trilogy gives you a brief insight into the reality of the sexual world of others.

My page turning interest in this trilogy was the romantic story of Anastasia Steele, a women who finds herself falling in love with a rich man who has a life totally outside that of hers. Her struggle to understand his wealth and find acceptance and a place in a lifestyle that engulfs her. Then there is Christian Grey a man that turns heads as he walks down the street and has every women gushing and going weak at the knees. Hurt by a past of confusion, loss and trauma, seeking in Anastasia a submissive to meet his sexual desires yet finding a young beautiful women who turns his world around. E L James takes the reader on a journey of love, lust, desire and commitment in an unconventional way, that at times, could be sexually arousing yet is sweet, romantic and heart touching.

I did feel that the amount of sex in the first book could have been lessened, as it did become that of total disbelief and unrealism as one got halfway through the book. Sex every day, every moment, reaching constant orgasm, lusting and desiring one another is not a piece of reality for most and the fantasy soon became boring and repetitive. I know the book is fiction but for me fiction must contain a little bit of believability or one soon starts to loose that of being able to live in the world of the characters. One must be able to take one self from the believable world to the one of fantasy knowing there is a little bit of possibility.

For me Fifty Shades Darker ( book two ) was the one that was most enjoyable. Less sex, more real romance and twists and turns of deceit and betrayal left me wanting more each page. At times the suspense was so invigorating I found myself fighting sleep in order to turn the page. Book two ends with a cliff hanger and here it should have stopped. I love a book that leaves me wondering for weeks what happened, who it is or who did it. I love to be left floating forever with questions hanging over my head and this is what E L James manages to do with Fifty Shades Darker.

Then the reader moves onto Fifty Shades Freed.....in my opinion E L James should have stopped at book two. I found Fifty Shades Freed slow and a little hard to get into. Whether it was that I had already read two in the series and was a little over it or the storyline was weak I am really unsure but I feel it was the later. Still a romantic love story, book three was just missing that little thing that wanted me to read more. It all became a little boring and I felt E L James struggled to continue building her characters and their life. There was little sex, for the reader who sex was the draw card, as after all how much can one do. It was as though the characters had finally come down to earth and became a little more “real” but this seemed to cause change in the flow of story telling and style of writing which lost me as I had become familiar with the writings of E L James.

So do I recommend the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy? Of course. Enjoyable, stimulating, erotic and romantic they have something for everyone. I question whether the media hype really is worth it but it boosts sales and I am sure E L James in not complaining. One needs to remember that they are just a set of fiction books  and that whilst reading them leads to entertainment and conversation we need to question if  they really will change the sexual relationships of everyday man and build a place of happier, more loving relationships? In reality I think not.

Jennifer Deaves