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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Madeleine, Maddy and Midge Positive Thinking for Children by Cathy Domoney

Confidence and a positive self esteem in a child goes a long way to shaping a successful and happy future. It gives them the courage to try new things, stand up for themselves and accept love and praise. It helps them make good decisions, set goals and look forward to the future. In Madeleine, Maddy and Midge Cathy Domoney provides an environment that helps children feel good about themselves.

Appealing to all ages as a read alone book or one that is shared with an adult, Madeleine, Maddy and Midge is illustrated by Karen Davis who has created characters that compliment the positive and negative aspects of the book.

Madeleine has two secret friends, Maddy and Midge. Maddy’s happy messages makes Madeleine feel tall, strong and full of confidence. Midge however, fills Madeleine with worries, troubles and doubt and makes her feel small, scared and alone. Madeleine has found the magic spell so that Maddy’s voice will be all she will hear and Midge will disappear like the ‘Pop’ of a bubble. Madeleine has a power to decide whether to be happy or sad. The question is, what will she decide?

The use of empowering, positive descriptive words in Madeleine, Maddy and Midge gives children the tools they need to not only explain how they are feeling to another but tools that will strengthen their thought processes, helping beat the confusion that is often found in a young mind.

I loved the warm, loving relationship between Madeleine and her mother but did wonder if, to a child who is already feeling negative, this relationship would destroy them a little more if not found within their own family. Here leads further opportunity for teachers and therapists to open the door to discussion about families and the individual dynamics they hold.

Cathy Domoney has done a wonderful job of addressing the reality of the fact that it is not easy to push those negative thoughts and feelings aside.

From that day onwards, there were still times when Midge would try to re-appear and make Madeleine feel bad. But Madeleine was clever. She remembered that she had power inside of her to choose, and she would listen to Maddy and tell Midge to “Shush!”

Madeleine, Maddy and Midge is more than just a story book, it is a world full of information,empowerment and self awareness. Cleverly created to meet not only the needs of children but those of parents, teachers and therapist, Madeleine, Maddy and Midge is a resource worthy of sitting on all bookshelves.

Using her experiences and qualifications of not only a primary teacher but that of counsellor and psychotherapist Cathy Domoney has included pages that provide pointers for using this book as a successful resource tool. She has included points to share with children along with suggestedactivities.

The message within Madeleine, Maddy and Midge is written with strength that is clear and precise.In her message at the back of the book Cathy Domoney writes:

“The most important thing to remember is that all children are unique and that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to help them! As long as we begin from a position of love, patience, and respect, we are on the right track.......My hope is that this story and the associated activities will be a foundation for you to generate your own ideas for the child in your care. I hope that it has opened a line of communication for you to further develop and explore the promoting of confidence and self-esteem with your child or children.”

Madeleine, Maddy and Midge Positive Thinking for Children by Cathy Domoney is the ideal gift for any child, and a gift for any adult working in the eduction industry. This book has the ability to change a child’s life experiences without them even realising it. Those working with children will thank you for years to come as their job is made easier and the children they work with leave with a smile on their face.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-0761-3

Format: Paperback and ebook

Available at www.amazon.com and other online retail stores.

This book offers children a clear and accessible story through which greater confidence and self-esteem can develop, and the suggestions and activities offered at the end of the story will be welcomed and used by many adults who support children in a broad range of settings” - Sarah Hebe, art psychotherapist.

All children deserve to feel good about themselves, and this book helps them feel just that. The story appeals to children of all ages and will become a much-thumbed favourite. Parents and teachers will find it a useful aid for raising self-esteem through assemblies, circle times and bedtimes. What a way to boost their confidence!” - Jess Caunter, primary headteacher, BEd ( Hons), NPQH.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Homecountry by TW Lawless

This book review is part of the Christmas Advent Calendar 2014

5 sleeps till Christmas. 

Homecountry by TW Lawless shows the strength of this Australian writers ability to produce a novel that not only captivates but puts you in a place of reality. TW Lawless entertains with humor, drama, love and a little bit of country lunacy. 

Born and raised in North Queensland but currently living in Melbourne Victoria TW Lawless has combined his life experiences in both parts of Australia into one book. He has created a work of fiction that makes Australians feel at home and brings those overseas to Australia. There is truth in his characters as they represent the culture of Australia and the life of the outback. 

Primarily set in 1987 Homecountry takes you on a journey into the life of Peter Clancy, a hard-drinking Melbourne Truth journalist. Returning to his hometown of Clarke’s Flat to bury his mother and settle the estate Peter Clancy’s short two day stay is soon stretched to eight as he is drawn back into the past and the secrets the town beholds.  

Peter is convinced by his childhood mate David Tindall, who is now a police constable, to use his journalistic skills and contacts to help him uncover the truth behind the 1960’s ‘suicide’ of David’s father and another man. With Aboriginal Sam Saturday supporting David, Peter is soon convinced that things are not as they seemed. 

TW Lawless writes with an easy to read flow that draws you in and captivates you, throwing in a little humor from time to time that has you snickering and grinning from ear to ear. My initial thoughts after reading two pages of Homecountry was that this was definitely a man’s book, but how wrong I was. Homecountry is a book that suits both sexes and a vast age range. The content is manly do a degree but it soon had a woman like myself wanting to turn the page to find out more. 

Homecountry is a thriller that leaves you asking questions and wondering about the plans and motives of those around you. What is going on in your town? Is Clarke’s Flat possibly an example of country towns within Australia?

On his site TW Lawless states that Homecountry is an idea he has carried in his head for twenty years. In the early 1990’s he sat down and wrote a book in longhand, had it typed and sent it to several publishers. After receiving rejection letters he soon became discouraged saving the publishing of his first book until he became older, wiser and more determined. Readers will be thankful that he eventually found that little place within himself that gave him the courage to take the leap into publishing. 

TW Lawless is currently working on his second book Thornydevils which should see a publication date of early 2014 . As he says “Thats what writers do. There’s no time to sit on your hands when a great idea is developing in your head. It will take you over anyway.”

TW Lawless is a storyteller who leaves you breathless with anticipation. Homecountry has definitely left me wanting more and wondering what is being created in the mind of this Australian author. I await book two with anticipation. 

Find out more about TW Lawless and purchase Homecountry at www.twlawless.com

ISBN: 978-0-646-58469-0