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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Circus Olympia - More Than A Show...........A Community

* As published in Good Gabble Newzine July 2010

  To live in a circus community is to live in a community of trust, friendship and loyalty. With a blend of cultures from all around the globe there is a sense of tolerance, sharing and understanding. There is little time for  fights or judgement. To observe the work of a circus community is to watch a group of individuals who unite together, enjoying the company of each other and life.

  I was recently given a glimpse of the circus life with a behind the scene's tour and a chance to watch a show that will stay in my memory for a long time to come. 

  It was evident that this small community of 29 people are unified with their love to perform and their love of this country. With acrobatics and feats that not only entertain but send a thrill up your spine, there is no time for harsh feelings or bitterness. The Circus Olympia community is built on togetherness and lots of fun.

“There is no boss/employee within this community, it is one big family,” Kyra, my tour host, informed me. “If you have a disagreement you just get over it. There is no time to hold a grudge as the show must go on.”

  Respect and friendship was surely noticed in Kyra's interactions with Chavella, who works in office administration, as they joked light heartedly together. As I observed the community in action I saw a group of people who, although busy, had time to stop, smile and chat amongst themselves. Even though I was an outsider I was instantly made at ease and felt very welcome.

  Having only been touring for 2 years, Circus Olympia is still young. They are small in comparison to other circus's with the youngest performer being 5 years old. Each member or family travel with their own caravan which is either provided by the circus or self owned.

“When you join a van can be provided but if you want to do anything to it, like hang things up, you are best to purchase your own. A bit like renting and buying” says Kyra.

  Circus Olympia are fully self contained with their own bathrooms and washing facilities. All motor homes and vans are a home away from home with the community travelling for 11 months of the year. Many return to family during the one month break over December.

    Of the 29 members in the community there are only 10 who perform with others involved in behind the scenes work, administration, sales and various other roles. All members pitch in together, being versatile in their job, ready to lend a hand when called upon. “When times get tough there is always someone to talk to and someone to help you out” says Kyra

  When the show is over and it is time to move it is all hands on deck as the tent is dismantled, the animals packed up and the caravans hitched and moved. It takes a team of 10 -12 men  6 hours to dismantle the tent but 11/2 days to erect. Moving involves a lot of organisation, with a tight schedule. Circus Olympia keep the distance between show destinations to a minimum so as to not have the animals caged and transported for long periods of time. The animals are the first that the team relocate. A safe open area is immediately set up for them where they are given fresh water and food. It is obvious that they are very much a part of the community and a great companion to all.

  Next time you attend the circus or see them on the road I urge you to stop and think of the lifestyle they lead and what it must take for a community to work so tightly together 7 days a week for 11 months of the year. Circus life – A special life full of special people!

See photo’s and read a review of the show at  http://gabblingaroundaustralia.blogspot.com

article Jennifer Deaves

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