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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Driver Fatigue Alarm

* As published in April Good Gabble Newzine

Driver Fatigue Alarm – A Micro - Sleep Warning Technology

A micro-sleep can kill in seconds!

With the Easter/Anzac Day long weekend happening this month many of us will be grabbing the opportunity to get away from home and take a well earned break. Come Thursday night many families will make the most of every hour they have and jump into the car straight after work for a long trip. At the end of the weekend many drive for hours in the rush to return home in time for work the next day. The tiredness kicks in but the adrenalin of the weekend takes over, placing us vulnerable to driver fatigue. The eyes feel droopy but home is only 5 kilometres away so the 'I'll be right' attitude kicks in.

Driver Fatigue is the silent killer. It can affect any motorist at anytime. You become restless, reach for the sugary food, feel the need for caffeine, turn up the music or wind down the window when instead what you should be doing is pulling over and taking a break. Statistics show that driver fatigue is a major factor in 20% of the annual road toll in Australia.

Common signs of drivers fatigue are:

§ Yawning
§ Restlessness
§ Heavy or sore eyes
§ Blurred vision
§ Slowed reaction
§ Poor concentration
§ Impatience
§ Not remembering the last few kilometres of your trip

Driver Fatigue Alarm is a micro sleep warning device that is worn comfortable over the ear, alerting the driver if their head tilts into a micro-sleep. It is available in both a vibrating model and a sound alarm, which also notifies the passengers of the driver's state of tiredness. The warning message enables the driver to take the correct action, pulling over immediately and resting.
Testing both Driver Fatigue Alarms I found them very easy to use, with operation being that of the push of one single button. They sat snuggly behind my ear, similar to a hearing device, without any fuss. The ear hook is a soft bendable rubber allowing for one handed application. They were both comfortable to wear and non invasive. I soon forgot I even had them on.
The alarm was also worn by a lady who wears vision glasses. She did not find it as comfortable as myself. She felt it was a little fiddly to attach and inconvenient behind the ear and when wearing her sunglasses, which are placed over the top of her vision glasses, the alarm could not be worn at all. This may be a consideration to those who wear glasses but should not deter from the purchasing of an alarm when fatigue is often an issue. The safety aspect of the alarm and the life benefit would be seen as far out waying the slight discomfort of wear.
I found a preference to the vibrating model as opposed to sound. Having sensitive ears I found the pitch of the sound alarm a little piercing but can see the benefits of this with all in the car being able to partake in their own safety. The vibrating model emits a harsh vibrate which definitely alerts you of the movement of the head. The sensitivity of both alarms can be adjusted simply by changing the position on the ear. I applaud Vision Of Innovation for providing variety in their product, allowing it to suit all needs.
The Driver Fatigue Alarm is a beautifully presented device that fits neatly into your glove box or console compartment. My initial reaction was that of Wow! What an amazing piece of technology, and this still sits with me today. Stored in a plastic padded box with a magnetic latch there is a place to store two sets of battery's, which are provided. The alarm runs on three watch batteries which may be purchased at most pharmacies.

Priced at the low price of $24.95 including postage the Driver Fatigue Alarm is a small price to pay for the protection of yourself and your family and friends. If every car in Australia had one in their glove box and it was worn by the driver at times of fatigue risk the fatality rate on Australia's roads would surely decline.
The Driver Fatigue Alarm is not only an asset to the traveller but suitable for those who need to be fully alert whilst working. Security guards, machine operators and truck drivers are only a few who may benefit from its use. It has been reported as being used by those who find themselves falling asleep in front of the television. Vision Of Innovation also mention the use of the vibration model during conferences and meetings.

Each alarm comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 12 month warranty. Delivery of the product is fast and efficient, with normal delivery taking 3 to 7 working days. Gift vouchers are also available.

Don't let your family become a micro sleep statistic of our roads this Easter long weekend. Order your Driver Fatigue Alarm today!

Telephone: 02 9715 5100

article: Jennifer Deaves