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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Inversion - Gary Fettke

One Man’s Answer For World Peace and Global Health

Inversion is not fiction, non fiction or a biography, it is a message. One man, Gary Fettke, has a concept that he is sharing with the world. A belief and an idea that he wants heard. Gary is a man with a passion for our planet. He believes that with enough determination and passion we can all alter the direction of our world, we just have to work together.

 In the introduction to Inversion Gary Fettke writes,

“I am a surgeon and a patient. I am a teacher and student. I am part of a family – a husband, a father and a son”

What he neglects to mention is that he is an author with a concept that has the thought processes of his readers ticking, grasping his idea and making changes, which, no matter how big or small, will make this planet a better place to be.

  Gary Fettke is an Orthopaedic Surgeon who resides in Tasmania Australia. At 22 he graduated from medicine and married. When he was 25 his first child was born, then another at 28 and 32. At 29 he was the youngest individual to pass his surgical fellowship.

  At the age of 37 Gary's career was turned upside down as he found himself not only a surgeon but a patient. Whilst operating his vision began to deteriorate, resulting in him undergoing urgent neurosurgery to remove a tumour from the base of his brain. This was followed by treatments of radiotherapy and chemotherapy and learning to walk again. Gary soon overcame this setback in his life and returned to his surgical practice.

  Four years later, at the age of 41, he found himself undergoing a further neurosurgical procedure and another five days in intensive care. Once again this did not stop Gary, he returned to his surgical practice a few months later. Today he still has an 'ongoing' relationship with his tumour but does not let it get in the way of his life dreams and goals.

  As well as being a surgeon Gary is an environmentalist at heart. He has planted over 12 000 trees on a small farm whilst continually educating those around him on the benefits of trying to save our planet. Inversion One Man's Answer For World Peace and Global Health is only one of the ways Gary is spreading the word

   In Inversion Gary's message is loud, clear and simple: we just invert the way we look at our problems, on both a personal and world level. By inverting our process we begin to see problems as a whole, leading us to understanding the best way of approaching them. Gary challenges his readers to consider all aspects of  life – Religion, Media, Environment, Benevolent Dictatorship and Global Health.

 In his chapter 'An Action Plan' Gary writes “ Now is the time to look at the similarities that link us together, rather than the differences that push us apart. Celebrate the similarities, rather than the inflaming differences” and this is what Inversion One Man's Answer For World Peace and Global Health is all about, the unity and positivity of fellow man.

“We live on the same planet, breathe the same air – we are each other,” writes Gary.

As I read this book I absorbed every word. I listened and I thought. I embraced the logic behind a concept that, with a little bit of effort to begin with, would soon become part of  my everyday life. I asked myself how I could help Gary shout his message from mountain tops. If only we could get this message across to our media and politicians, get them to invert the negativity they generate into our society on a daily basis, invert the messages they portray and the negative actions they take. Inversion may be Gary Fettke's “attempt to alter the course of the juggernaut of chaos, violence and madness that is our world today” but through Inversion many will listen and become part of a movement that is making a change.

To read Inversion One Mans Answer For World Peace and Global Health is to become empowered to change the way you think and act in both your personal and professional life. Set out in an easy to read format I became so engrossed in the content that I found it hard to put down, completing the book in one nightly read. Inversion is beautifully present in hard cover, consisting of 127 pages. Lined pages are provided at the conclusion allowing the reader to note reflection points and list their own inversion, encouraging participation and action.

Grab a copy of Inversion One Mans Answer For World Peace and Global Health for FREE!

 Whilst writing this review I received an unexpected email from Gary Fettke which showed the strength of his compassion and desire to make a difference. Gary wrote:

Inversion - One Mans Answer for World Peace and Global Health is now FREE. *

Just thought that I would let you know about the book. Recently a young soldier was killed in Afghanistan - doing what he thought was right and proper to make the world a better place. He was the son of a close colleague of mine. It personalised a few things and after speaking with his father I feel that pushing the messages in Inversion further is something I can do.

Just do it through the web site which automates things and covers the postage.



  I urge all to grab a copy from http://www.onemansanswer.com/ and listen to what Gary has to say. Together we can make a difference!

“Let us stop reacting to yesterday and start building for tomorrow” - Gary Fettke

ISBN: 978-0646481814

review: Jennifer Deaves