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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Not Your Mother's Book...On Being a Woman


A collection of Stories from People Like You

Created by Dahlynn McKowen and Ken McKowen

“Not Your Mother's Book....On Being a Woman is a better PMS cure than chocolate, and with no calories!” ~ Jennifer Deaves

Not Your Mother's Book...On Being a Woman is a collection of short stories that had me laughing so hard I was nearly wetting myself. Is it scary that I can relate to these woman's experiences?, was one thought going through my head, whilst the other yelled “Yes I am normal, I am woman”.

Within this book Dahlynn McKowen and Ken McKowen have created a celebration of what being a woman is all about. A celebration of true womanhood with all it's lumps, bumps, oops and oh no's!. A book that woman will instantly relate to and men will shake their heads at, turning pages wondering how woman can be so stupid yet honest, lovable and deliciously hilarious.

This is the first book in the anthology titled Not Your Mother's Book...a series that I am sure all will soon be talking about. If you love Chicken Soup for the Soul then this anthology will surely blow your mind. Dahlynn and Ken McKowen spent 10 years as Chicken Soup for the Soul co authors/editors before launching Not Your Mother's Book. With another 30 plus books in this anthology under development there is sure to be plenty of laughter and love filling homes worldwide.

When reading Not Your Mother's Book....On Being a Woman I kept feeling there was a magic ingredient that drew me to the book, not wanting to put it down just in case I missed something. Unlike a novel there really is no chance of missing out on anything as each individual short story carries a mystery and charm of it's own, yet I could not shake this page turning, what could possibly happen next feeling. There was a feel good, are these woman for real, feeling behind this immense desire to turn pages. Or was it an immense desire to feel normal, accepted and just like every other woman.

Not Your Mother's Book...On Being a Woman is nicely set out, consisting of eight chapters which contain eight stories each. Being short stories this book fits itself well to being read anywhere and at anytime you need a quick feel good,belly laugh, pick me up. It seems as though every silly scenario a women has been in is depicted within this book. From clothing to weight, food, boobs, bums, age,husbands and those little moments that tickle us, Not Your Mother's Book....On Being a Woman has it covered.

If I had to write one negative thing about this book then I would have to say that it was painful – as the stitches in my side ached, my facial muscles spasmed and my belly hurt due to laughter. Where is the warning on this book ~ “Warning: care should be taken whilst reading this book. Sitting is preferred to standing, with cushions propped strategically around the body to soften falls which may be caused by laughter. No responsibility is taken for any injuries sustained during reading...or death by laughter.”

On a Serious note 10/10 to Dahlynn and Ken McKowen for Not Your Mother's Book...On Being a Woman.

Available now at www.Amazon.com I recommend all grab a copy of this book and find their inner goddess, the one full of reality and good times.

ISBN: 978-1-938778-00-1

Review: Jennifer Deaves


  1. Jennifer, this review is outstanding! You captured the essence of the book to the letter. Many thanks, dear friend. How soon are you going to be up to reading the Stupid Kids book? :-)

    1. Thanks Kathy. Not Your Mother's Book...On Being A Stupid Kid arrived with me this morning. A few book reviews to write during the day today but then sticking my head in NYMB Kids. Can't wait! Love this anthology!