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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cool Dogs

They say dogs are man's best friend so this Christmas why not treat your best friend to a gift from cooldogs.com.au.  Nominated for the dog retailer award 2012, they are sure to have all your dogs needs covered.

With a continuous turnover of new and unique products Cool Dogs is an online store that you will return to time and time again. We found their range of products to be vast, covering the health and hygiene of your dog to the leisure and comfort. They have also thought of you, the owner, and your need for products that make your life with your furry friend that little bit easier. There is the car seat covers, saving you time with cleaning or the dog stickers announcing your love for your pooch. Trying to train your dog?  Pop on over to Cool Dogs and check out their range of dog training solutions.

Cool Dogs realise that you want your time with your dog to be enjoyable and that dogs also like a little fun in their lives. With this in mind they provide a large range of dog toys, from plush toys to ropes and  freezable toys for cool summer fun.

After playing with your dog on a warm day it is important to give them somewhere cool to lay and recuperate. We trial ran the pet cooling mat which is perfect for just this situation. Filled with polyurethane foam filler/CMC/polymer absorber this vinyl mat does not need filling with water nor does it need electricity. The weight of your dog is all that is needed. The gel in the mat absorbs the pets body heat sending it out into the environment. Made of vinyl the mat is easy to clean, with a simple wipe of a damp cloth. We did find that it was more appealing to our dogs with thin material thrown over the top as they were not keen on the vinyl feel, with the material giving it the familiarity of their dog blanket. This did not seem to take away from the cooling effect. Although we used this mat in a home environment it would also be  ideal used in the car to keep your dog cool on a long trip or when out and about visiting. The mat folds well making it very portable. The one size fits all, L90 x W50 x H 1 cm, makes this mat suitable for most breeds of dogs. We trial ran ours on a poodle and a labrador and it was a perfect size for both. One concern we did have was that it is slippery if stepped on by a human and can be quiet dangerous. It needs to be placed where it is out of the way of human traffic and especially where there is no risk of children or the elderly walking on it.

Why not buy a cool mat and place it in your car on a pet car seat cover? We trial ran two covers, the exclusive seat cover and the general cover. The main difference in the two was that the exclusive seat cover is a cubicle shaped seat cover that protects the sides of your car. A great idea for the dog who loves to hang out the window. One disadvantage we did find with the exclusive cover was there was no way to secure your dog to your car seat belt once the mat was placed on the seat as it covered the seat belts. The general cover allowed for this with velcro spacing holes for the seatbelt/harness. With it being law in most states of Australia that your dog be belted in this was definitely a benefit with the general cover.

Both covers were easy to install, clipping to your car seat head rests, fastening to prevent them from bundling up and moving around. Both covers are waterproof and easy to wipe clean. We included our dogs mats over the cover to allow for comfort. This did not take away from the protect the mats gave to our car. Hooks in our station wagon allowed us to use the exclusive cover over the back, keeping our car clean and allowing us to accommodate both the kids and our furry friends.

All products we tested from Cool Dogs were found to be of high quality and value for money. They were packaged and shipped professionally and on time. They were all as pictured or described on the site, with any questions we had being answered efficiently.

Looking for a party outfit for your beloved companion during this Christmas festive season. Cooldogs.com.au have a great range of hats, fancy collars and outfits that will have everyone admiring your pooch. Why not place a Christmas stocking for your pet under your tree this year?

Check out the great range and specials on offer at www.cooldogs.com.au