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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Little Book Of Everyday Miracles - Sharon Snir

The Little Book of Everyday Miracles by Sharon Snir brings with it a part of everyday life that is often overlooked and taken for granted. The saying goes that miracles happen every day. This book is one of those books that has you realizing that miracles are around us and experienced when and where we least expect them and without us even realizing they are miracles.

I must admit I was skeptical when this book first landed on my desk. The cover and title looked a little flouncy for me, and being printed in a small format it seemed to get a little lost amongst the other books. It reminded me of a book that I may give my elderly mother or an older person in a nursing home. How wrong I was!

From the moment I picked this little package up I was hooked. It actually held nicely in my hand and felt nice to hold, being soft and glossy with a soft 3D texture to highlight the words and floral design. This feel good feeling carried through to the feel good content. Full of 50 stories based on everyday life, I laughed, oohed, and shared my way through this book with my teenage daughter. I became so engrossed that I even read as I stirred the pot on the stove. Some stories grabbed my heart whilst others left me in disbelief, questioning the events that happen in my life and the meanings behind them. I was left thinking about the 'coincidences' in my life. Were they really coincidences or were they miracles? What exactly is a miracle?

"There's something about miracles that's utterly enticing. Just to hear about a miracle makes you feel more hopeful. It doesn't matter whether this miracle happened to your or to a complete stranger - it can still delight you. It's a delight that lingers, that leaves you with a spring in your step. Suddenly life doesn't seem so difficult. But where are miracles to be found, and how do they come about?

In this beautiful collection of inspiring true stories, everyday people share moments of unexpected courage and kindness, chance meetings and remarkable coincidences, showing us that miracles can take us out of the darkest places and give us the courage to get moving again. They're a divine catalyst, which reminds us that the impossible may just be possible."

I read this book in one day. As a book of short stories it nicely lends itself to that of a coffee table book that can be picked up, read for a moment and placed back down for another moment. This was my intention when I picked up The Little Book of Everyday Miracles. Just a quick read before I cook dinner. Yep, that definitely did not happen, I was hooked.

Did I have a favourite short story? I have to honestly say I enjoyed every one of them for what they offered. Each provided a different insight, thought or lesson. Each left me with a different emotion, but each left me feeling I had to share it with the others in the room.

The Little Book of Everyday Miracles by Sharon Snir left me feeling floaty and free. It left me with hope and vision of a world where miracles do happen, love is bountiful and life has a new meaning. I was saddened as I came to the last story, wanting to find more pages to turn and more miracles to fill my day. They say one should never judge a book by its cover, or at least by your personal interpretation and feeling of the cover.  The Little Book of Miracles certainly had me fooled. I am glad I took the time to pick it up. Five out of Five Sharon Snir!

ISBN: 978-1-74332-133-2



  1. What a beautiful, generous,kind and absolutely delightful review.

    I am deeply touched by your lovely words. Thank you so much.

    May oceans of Everyday Miracles wash away all struggle and carry into your life everything your heart desires.


  2. Thank you Sharon for your comment and thank you for touching my heart in so many ways with The Little Book of Everyday Miracles.