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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Road To Nowhere by Evan Shapiro

Road to Nowhere by Evan Shapiro leaves you deep in thought about the past, present and future of the human species. It takes you to places you hope you never need to go, presenting global issues that although fiction seem so real. 

Presented as a science fiction novel Road to Nowhere is so much more. Evan Shapiro has entwined a variety of genre’s within one book. Based around the main characters of Patrick and Kirby, Evan Shapiro has your mind twirling around relationships, love and the need for ones own identity, whilst pondering how far you would go with another in order to protect yourself and the one you love. There is crime, a murder, left to be solved by Anthenian Detective Costas Paradisos, that uncovers more than he ever imagined and leads to relationships not only of sex and lust but of deep connection. Throw in Angel, a gifted teenager who is able to ‘complete advanced mathematical calculations in her head within a fraction of a second’ and an old man known as Ancient and you have an array of characters who hold a connection stronger than they realise.

Road to Nowhere takes you there. With Costas you travel the globe, with Patrick, Ancient and Angel you travel Australia whilst Kirby has you floating around in space talking DNA and atomic organic structure. Evan Shapiro is a writer not to be messed with. He shows immense strength in his structure and plot creating individual lives that have you enveloped in their adventure yet entwined in the complete journey.

Road to Nowhere by Evan Shapiro is one of those books that is hard to describe. I definitely do not feel I can do it justice in the form of a written review. This is a book that you must read to appreciate and to feel the full weight of what possibly may not be as fictional as it is presented. 

I urge you to put down what you are currently reading and grab a copy of Road To Nowhere. You will soon be seeing the world around you from a different thought perspective. 

I leave you with the three following extracts from various pages of Road To Nowhere by Evan Shapiro.

‘What was survival if its cost left you spiritually bankrupt? As a species should we not only strive to survive but also strive to evolve?’

‘There are only three things you need to worry about. What you were, what you are and what you’ll be.’

“What if all other living creatures apart from humanity are born with an understanding of universal truths. Seems to me they tend to live their lives in sync with nature rather than in opposition to it. They don’t destroy to the capacity and scale that people do. Perhaps humanity is wasting its time trying to find answers to questions that every other living being already knows instinctively?” The old man smiled. 
ISBN: 978-0-9925601-8-8
Available in paperback and ebook from Amazon

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review: Jennifer Douglas