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Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Surfing Christmas by Meryl Harris

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Read! Read! Read! A Surfing Christmas by Meryl Harris is part of  set 2 of the early readers published by Aussie School Books. 

This is a feel good book with a clear message of giving. Scott and Nick are friends and surf buddies but their lives differ. Scott lives with his family. Sadly Nick lost his parents in a car accident earlier in the year and was already on his fourth foster carer family. Scott and Nick planned to spend Christmas Day surfing until Scott’s mum comes up with the idea of starting a Christmas family tradition spent at home. Scott does not like the idea but soon finds that it includes Nick, with a little heart warming twist at the end.

Scott Chester won’t have anything to do with his family’s new Christmas traditions. No way is he going to stay at home, having a traditional Christmas dinner. He’s already planned the perfect day at the beach with his best friend, Nick. He can’t let Nick spend Christmas all on his own. Scott’s mum has other ideas, however, and the boys are in for a Christmas surprise. 

This is a book suitable for reading all year round. Although Christmas themed there is more within than the title suggests. A Surfing Christmas is a book about loss, friendship, acceptance and finding a place you can call home. Well presented with clear black and white illustrations by Phong Lam, A Surfing Christmas by Meryl Harris will have children eager to read.

ISBN: 978-1-921255-18-2

Find out more about Aussie School Books: www.aussieschoolbooks.com.au

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