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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Curses and Blessings for All Occasions by Bradley Trevor Greive

 “May shopping trolleys that refuse to roll straight steer you clear of misfortune and into the arms of love” - Bradley Trevor Grieve

Hilarious, outrages and down right funny is the only way to really describe Curses and Blessings for all Occasions by Bradley Trevor Greive. There are times you are so angry you need to curse, and then laugh and turn your anger away, and this is the book just for those occasions.

Having never read a book by Bradley Trevor Greive and, to be honest with you, having never heard of him I at first wondered what this book was and what was it's purpose. It then occurred to me that Bradley Trevor Greive ( BTG) is not a man to be taken seriously. From introduction to the very last page his wacky humor and fun loving look on life leaves you laughing, wondering and shaking your head at how the mind of this man see's life. My soft subtle giggle that started with the books introduction soon burst into a full on belly giggling laugh that had tears rolling down my face. I read this book whilst in the presence of  family and friends and soon found I could not keep the pages to myself as stares of disbelief and wonderment glared my way. All present were sure I had lost my marbles.

Curses and Blessings for All Occasions has something for everyone. Some pages left me wondering whether they were blessings or curses, leaving them open to be used as felt warranted, but then again would one really use these blessings in any situation other than to giggle their day away. The comical black and white drawings of lovable animals compliments the book adding extra humor and wonderment. Although children would never understand the wit of BTG my five year old daughter saw the humor in the pictures as we discussed why mummy had lost her marbles and was rolling on the floor in laughter. A splash of red and blue throughout the drawing builds colour and character to the black and white theme.

“May you be reunited with your lost socks in the after life”  Well BTG I sure hope so as this will solve the mystery of where they have gone and put a stop to the stress of trying to pair them.

Curses and Blessing for All Occasions is one of the most versatile and diverse books I have come across in a long time. Depending on your love of life, viewpoint and the one you are aiming your slur at it leads itself to the interpretation of the individual. For my son, a lover of cats,“May cats acknowledge you”  would compliment  his day. For myself my day would need readjusting. “May your neighbours rooster have a sore throat”, well what a blessing that would be, unless of course you use the rooster as your daily morning alarm clock.

Being one who believes in a place where positivity and happiness should be the norm and negativity should be long forgotten I love this book. I feel it has a place within society where it will brighten the day of those who are blessed enough to be given the opportunity to read it's pages. Curses and Blessings for All Occasions is a must have coffee table book in all homes and business's. Your guests will surely leave with a spring in their feet and a memory in their heart.

They say laughter is the best medicine..... then Bradley Trevor Grieve is definitely the doctor.

CURSES & BLESSINGS FOR ALL OCCASIONS by Bradley Trevor Greive, published by Allen & Unwin, RRP $16.99, is available now.

Grab your copy online:

“ May you smile so much that you sprain a dimple” - Bradley Trevor Greive

reviewed by Jennifer Deaves