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Friday, August 31, 2012


* As seen in Issue 5 January 2012 Rattling Reviews Magazine.

Educating Our Children Through Play-based Activities

The Quins Group is a Melbourne-based, Australian owned company who are leading the way in supplying educational toys, teaching equipment and furniture to our early childhood market. With a variety of toys suiting birth to seven years, Q Toys are ensuring that children in our schools and child care centres receive the developmental stimulation through play-based learning that is required to give them the best start in life.

Originally founded by Dr. Quan Nguyen and Cathy Dang, M.Ed, Q Toys has grown over the years to include artists, teachers, engineers and industrial designers, who's expertise and experiences help them to blend the educational value of toys, fun and childhood imagination with high quality timber design. All Q Toys products are eco-friendly being made from plantation timber off recycled rubber trees. All designs are crafted by highly skilled craftsmen and have a specific educational function in order to foster children's physical and mental development. All products carry a 12 month from date of purchase warranty.

We couldn't be more impressed with Q Toys when we trial ran the Stacking Pegs Board. This consists of a wooden base board with 5 rows of different coloured shapes consisting of 20 pegs in total. The feel and consistency of  the wood was one that was smooth, glossy and very appealing. The printed shapes at the beginning of each row where clear with no missing paint. We found the Stacking Pegs Board to be a high quality and value for money toy. We were shocked at the price of only $19.95 wholesale.

We tested the peg board with a 4 year old and found it met both her expectations and those of the educational value we placed upon it. There were a number of learning values in this toy, from shape recognition, colour, stacking, counting, comparison, sorting and problem solving. Interaction with an adult promoted language and numeracy skills and provided opportunity for forward planning and memory recall. The Stacking Pegs Board soon became a favourite that was manipulated each day. To date it has stood to the challenge showing no chips to the paint or wood and holding the as new look. At no time has there been any risk of splintering of the wood causing harm to the child.

After further research into the toys provided by Q Toys we found all products to be of high standard and as described. We can happily say we feel that Q Toys are meeting their mission of designing and manufacturing products that are instrumental to physical and mental development of children from birth to seven years old. We found all toys to comply with the Australian and New Zealand toys safety standards as stated on the site. We did not find any evidence of toys or equipment which would place a child at risk.

For further information on Q Toys and to find a stockist in your area visit www.qtoys.com.au

article: Jennifer Deaves

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