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Monday, October 1, 2012

Podee BPA Baby Bottle

Reducing colic and ear infections in babies

The day you have been dreaming of has arrived. Your bundle of joy is in your arms and you are finally home to start your life together.  All goes well for a while until the colic sets in, the screaming begins and you, as a mum, feel helpless. Any mum who has experienced a baby with colic, or ear infections, knows only too well how miserable it makes bubs, and mum. It is a trying time for both. One that finds you searching the internet and trying any remedy on offer, just so you can have a nights sleep.

The Podee BPA Baby Bottle may be the answer to your prayers. The Podee allows you to feed baby in an upright position, reducing colic and reflux by preventing air from entering. Pediatricians also recommend feeding your baby in an upright position to prevent ear infections. The Podee BPA Baby Bottle is a hands free system that is ideal for the parent of multiple babies or of a child with special needs.

We trial ran the twin pack of Podee Baby Bottles which we found to be of a good size ( 240mls each ) and well made. The plastic has a smooth feel to it and is shaped to fit nicely in the hand. Being able to be used as a held ( will not relieve colic ) or hands free bottle leads itself to versatility. With the bottles meeting all safety standards and being lead free, PVC free and BPA free you are guaranteed you are using a product that will leave your baby safe and happy.

Our team of review mothers where divided in their feelings about this bottle. They loved the idea and  colic free device but wondered if it could lead to the loss of bonding and contact with the child if taken advantage of. Feeding is one of the joyous times between child and mum. There is the cuddles, eye contact, talking and caressing. Although a great tool that is definitely needed on the bottle market, relieving the debilitating pain of colic, could it be overused by those who do not need it for medical reasons but see it as freedom for themselves?  This, of course, is not something that individuals or the bottle manufacturers can  control and does not reflect on the Podee Bottle itself but is something our reviewers, as mothers, hoped would not happen.

The bottle system was given to each  individual reviewer with the instruction paper and they were asked to put the hands free feeding system together. All struggled at first but agreed that once they had done it once it would be a breeze there after. Some stated they felt all the parts and tubing would be annoying to have to carry around if going out for the day it was a unanimous agreement that for the sake of the comfort of their child this would not stop them from buying the system, mum's will always put health and welfare of their child first.

The Podee Baby Bottle Twin pack consists of two plastic baby bottles, 2 adapters, 2 disks, 2 nipples, 2 cap rings, 2 6.5” plastic tubes, 2 11.5” plastic tubes, 2 nipple covers and 1 tube cleaning brush. It is a complete kit that once sterilized has you ready for a comfortable upright feed where ever you are. We found it easy to use, in the car, at a friends, in the pram and even whilst shopping. Used with the long tube it is ideal for the young baby and can continue to be used when the child is a toddler using the shorter tube for colic relief or if the child is now colic free as a normal feeding bottle. 

Overall we were impressed with this system and can see the huge relief it will provide to many families. We found it easy to use once assembled, with no extra sucking effort required by the child to get the liquid to the teat through the extra tubing. We found it suitable for water, juice, breast milk and formula. Packaged and presented in a box as a complete kit it would make the ideal gift. It can be purchased at a cost of $34 from  www.blamethebaby.com.au .

Also available:

Podee medicator - a great little attachment to pop onto the end of a medication syringe so that your little one can easily take their medicine through a standard teat instead of trying to suck it in off a syringe. No more drips and no more tears.

Podee bottle insulator and holder - suitable for any standard sized baby bottle! Quality insulator with a gorgeous teddy to keep your baby happy and peaceful.