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Friday, January 20, 2012

Laser Zone Lawntown Qld

 * As published in issue 5 January 2012 Rattling Reviews Magazine

Get a blast from the past... It’s times like these when you see your children screaming & pulling each other’s hair. That’s when you remember your childhood and doing the same thing, back when your parents wanted to strangle your neck & throw you outside to play. Well times have changed & today a solution is LAZER ZONE! Yes, a place where you can now shoot your children without the law chasing you, not unless it’s an off duty one doing the same with their kids. Lazer Zone is the place where you can at least let your children run wild & wreck their place instead of yours while you & other parents can relax in an air conditioned building having coffee, tea or just your usual junk food attires. But if you don’t want to sit with the boring parents you can at least ease the pain and join in the fun and shoot to kill the rug rats. My family & I enjoyed it immensely. As I haven’t been to Lazer Zone in 18yrs, the technology has improved. We are returning very soon – Dennis, 41.

I had a great time. If I had the choice I would definitely return. Laser tag was easy to play once I got the hang of it. I would of liked to have seen more variety in arcade games but I still enjoyed the games that were there. The main reason I went was to shoot others in laser tag and this was a fantastic experience. - Alexander, 13.

Laser Zone was fantasic! What an adrenaline rush! The staff were friendly and the arcade was awesome fun. The atmosphere of the whole place is just incredible. I highly recommend it to anyone! - Samantha, 18

Our Mission...... to find a place where the kids can run whilst making as much noise as they like. A place where mum and dad can choose to relax and watch or release the stress and shoot a kid or two.

Mission Accomplished..... A visit to Laserzone Lawntown Qld. A place where technology rules and peace and quiet are long forgotten.

Laserzone is suitable for the whole family, young and old. Whilst our older kids, and kid at heart, let of steam the younger children, and more serious mum, enjoyed the arcade games and food.

Laser Tag is a high-tech sport that has players wearing computerised vests or packs and handheld "phasers" attempting to achieve a winning score by zapping opponents players, base stations, and other targets within a playing arena or maze. Upon the completion of each round roars can be heard as groups of players huddle around the board in the foyer checking scores and winners. Parents  need not be concerned about the safety and well being of their children during play as a five minute briefing at the beginning of the game has Laser Zone staff explaining the operation of the packs, arena devices and safety rules. When playing more than one mission there is a 12 minute gap between each mission, allowing rest and regrouping with the family, although our mob were having such a great time they just wanted to get back in there.

Laser Tag is suitable for all levels of fitness as it can be played at your own pace. As long as you are comfortable doing some quiet walking, which may involve going up slight inclines, then you are fit enough to play. Although played in a darkened area it is not completely pitch black and should not scare the younger player. The arena is well lit with blacklights which causes the abundant use of fluorescent paints and materials in the arena to glow brightly. When looking down from the viewing platform as a spectator the effect is quiet exhilarating.

Looking for a great place to hold a birthday party. Laserzone may be the place you are looking for. With space that can accommodate up to 30 players large groups are never a problem. Sporting clubs, schools and corporate groups are also catered for.

We loved our afternoon at Laserzone Lawntown. The day we attended was hot and sultry outside, a day the kids would be cooped up feeling the heat and not wanting to run around. A visit to Laserzone allowed them to cool off in air conditioned comfort whilst releasing the energy of an outside activity.  No matter what the weather outdoors Laser Zone has it covered.

So next time the kids say “Mum I'm bored” or you are tearing your hair out trying to cope with the ruckus and  mayhem jump on line and book a session at Laserzone where the staff are friendly, the kids are happy and the troubles of life are left behind.

Find out more at: www.laserzone.com.au

Join them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/LaserzoneLawnton