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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Genevieve Swimwear

   * as published in Good Gabble                                    

                                  You Are Beautiful!

 With the warmer weather approaching many are looking at their body and wondering how the extra winter curves are going to look in last years swimwear. I myself have hit the gym over the past few weeks and considered diet options. It is at this time of the year that we often begin to feel depressed about the way we look. Should this be the case? Does society have us placing unrealistic expectations on ourselves? We cannot all be model material. Looking around at society we will see that curves, bulges and larger sizes are actually more the norm than the media like us to think.

A couple of weeks ago I had an inspiring conversation, or more to the point a belly giggle, with Ruth Glasgow from Genevieve Swimwear who provide a range of  flattering costumes for sizing 16 to 30. Ruth not only made me feel good about myself but made me realise that I am me. I am built to cuddle not to model. I am beautiful just the way I am and I deserve to feel this way. I will continue to hit the gym but for different reasons other than weight loss – for friendship, fitness and me time. I will eat sensibly to help cleanse the skin and for health benefits but I will no longer look at those models and say “ I wish that was me” for I am beautiful, curves and all.

Genevieve Swimwear create designer swimwear with a passion for the mature women. Yes I am mature, not old, and proud of it. It is part of me.....my history, my experiences and my life's learning journey. To be mature does not mean you cannot be stunning, beautiful and stylish. A lot of swimwear for the older lady is designed in dull boring colours that can be depressive and leave you feeling old and frumpy when standing on the beach next to the younger women. When going through the Genevieve Swimwear catalogue I was impressed with the vibrant colours and patterns that accentuate curves and the bustline taking away from the unflattering parts of the more mature figure. Lets be honest as we age bits sag, go out of shape and tend to grow. From year to year the swimsuit from the season before just doesn't flatter the parts it did the previous year. Age is cruel to all of us in different ways but by embracing and accentuating the parts we love we need not feel as though we can no longer be beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

When speaking to Ruth I asked her what the secrets to choosing a piece of swimwear that flattered our body was.

“All women have different ideas of what parts of their body they wish to emphasise.  All our garments are photographed on the body which shows how they fit, so you can select the styles accordingly to your requirements,” says Ruth. “Genevieve Swimwear offer a stunning, on trend collection of fashion and functional swimwear which includes:
Ageless sexy style with built in figure control to suit a range of figure types
A range of printed & plain fabrics with quality lycra shaping properties
Fashion styles to suit a variety of body shapes
A selection of suits to make you feel fabulous and sexy no matter your size or shape, emphasising a variety of flattering silhouettes to give you body confidence
BUST ENHANCING OPTIONS: For those who like to emphasise their bust, Genevieve Swimwear offer  enhancing trims such as beads, frills, strap details to draw attention upwards away from the thighs
THIGH HIDING OPTIONS: For those who like to cover up their thighs we have a selection of styles with flared skirts, or boyleg and lower legline options
TUMMY MINIMISING OPTIONS: We have styles with rouching to cover any lumps and bumps and help you feel sexy and confident
FIGURE MAGIC : Extra heavy gauge lycra used in double layers to help you lose a dress size just by slipping into the swimsuit
WORK OUT swimwear in chlorine resistant enduring fabrics
Masectomy style designed with a special pocket inside the shelf bra lining to hold a prosthesis if required.

So with Spring upon us and Summer not far away I am embracing me. Each morning I shall rise with a spring in my feet, look in the mirror and see curves, bulges and bits and pieces that I can smile at. These are what make me beautiful and unique. None of us have identical curves, they are special to us.

I challenge you to join me. Embrace you! You are beautiful!

This year I am going to treat myself to a piece of swimwear from Genevieve swimwear knowing that I am beautiful. I shall stand tall and proud, confident in me from the inside out.

Visit Genevieve swimwear and take a look for yourself: www.genevieve.com.au

article Jennifer Deaves