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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sex Is For Sinners ( Love is for Leprechauns ) by Michael Morel

* as published in Good Gabble Magazine

Mick Malone has inherited the naivety and wit of the Irish along with a dash of French spice, a portion of English Prudishness and a generous Germanic love of good beer. It all combines to create a rich and interesting mixture. Mick is brought into the world during the great depression, a child who is neither welcomed or loved. As he climbs out of the pit of ignorance and makes his way in the world he endures many challenging and daunting experiences. The pit becomes a shallow depression that leads him to a pathway littered with life's potholes. After a long and arduous journey the road takes an unexpected turn and obstacles fade away. Mick learns to shed an outer covering of sin and fear forced upon him by church and state and finds himself surrounded by the naked truth. This is a story of Mick's journey and the hurdles and milestones encountered along the way.

Sex Is For Sinners ( Love is for leprechauns ) is a page turning riveting journey with Mick Malone. Michael Morel writes with wit, humour and the downright honesty's of life. Although listed as fiction the information within this book is based on Micheal's personal experiences and opinions, thus giving it the feel of an autobiography and the flow of a well told story.

I was amazed, in awe, horrified and with each page wondered what could possible happen next in the life of Mick. From birth, to relationships, spirituality, growth and the pitfalls of life Mick holds his head high showing that all hurdles in life can be overcome with a little bit of zest for life and good old fashion positive outlook. When times got tough Mick looked forward and onward toward a new adventure, embracing the lessons the old had given.

There are many messages of life enveloped in Sex Is For Sinners ( Love is for leprechauns ). The journey of alcoholism and its grip on the lives of those affected is one that rings throughout this book. From the abusive wife who battles with the bottle to the husband that stands by her until he can no longer cope. Then there is the children who stand by their mother regardless of the tough times they are put through and the abuse they witness. Throughout the book there is the division of family on many different levels which is far too often the story within our society today. The battle of a man to find himself whilst holding his family together and when this fails the battle for the love and respect of his children from afar. Combining issues in life with the battle with religious belief and upbringing Michael Morel creates in Mick Malone a character that, although fictional, becomes a part of your life and grows within your own soul.

Sex Is For Sinners ( Love is for leprechauns ) grabs at the heart strings with its truth, honest and fictional plot. To travel with Mick Malone is to question life, love and the lessons we learn. Mick Malone does it the hard way, much harder I suppose than a lot of us would, but he survives and learns. He embraces not only what is thrown at him but his new found spirituality and growth. He finds happiness, he looses it and then he finds it again, a way of life that is often to familiar to many, but most of all he survives.

I loved this book. I admit the title threw me a little and I wondered if it was the type of book for me but never at any one time did I regret picking this book up. This is an amazing journey of life. It is an honest book written from the heart. A book that has you thinking, considering, and at times thankful
for, the life you have today and the life that is ahead of you. It is inspiring, lighthearted, funny and fulfilling. A great read for both men and women. Sex Is For Sinners ( Love is for leprechauns ) is a book that until read will never really be understood or appreciated. Reviewing this book cannot do it the justice it deserves.....well done Michael Morel, in Sex Is For Sinners ( Love is for leprechauns ) you have found your place.

ISBN: 1-921362-43-X

Publisher: Sid Harta Publishers Pty Ltd

Purchase online at: www.michaelmorel.com

Michael is based in Adelaide South Australia and is available as a guest speaker. He also holds Confidence for life courses......learn more at the above url.

Review: Jennifer Deaves