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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quality Australian Healing Gifts

Hospital Healing Hampers is a business that is built from the heart. Founder Jen Holdsworth knows only to well the perils of hospital visits and the need for products that make you feel good about yourself during these times.

During her 18 weeks scan of her fourth pregnancy Jen was told that her little baby had many problems and that she would be best to terminate. Deciding to continue with the pregnancy she prepared for what was ahead. At 36 weeks, when her baby would not move and the heart was shown to be struggling, she was induced. Josie was born blue and was found to have no hips, heart problems and a horseshoe kidney. She was eventually diagnosed with Kabuki syndrome and today, at the age of 10, has had over 13 operations with many more to come. Living in Tasmania with trips to Victoria for treatment Jen and her family know all to well the stress and strain hospitals can have on individuals and families. With this in mind Hospital Healing Hampers was born.

“During these visits we have recognised the need for quality 100% Australian gifts that help people to feel good about themselves during illness or surgery, plus the need to help family members also feel good whilst dealing with the process of healing.” writes Jen on her site hospitalhealinghampers.com.au. “We have wonderfully, equally passionate and 100 %Australian suppliers, who provide quality products to put in each Hamper. Our healing products are aimed at helping you to feel good and start the healing process. Don’t ever stop believing that your voice, your actions and love can have a profound impact on another persons life. Every act of love and kindness towards another is a tiny seed of hope planted in that persons heart.”

We were totally blown away when we received a Little Squirt hamper from Jen. This hamper, valued at $55 consists of an Organic Cotton grow shirt from myheartbeatsgreen.com.au, in a natural colour that can be worn by a girl or boy, Rose Geranium and lavender pure vegetable soup and organic lip balm from Absolutely Gorgeous and a pack of organic baby essentials that include shampoo and wash, moisturiser and bottom balm. Also included is the most gorgeous Tasmanian terracotta rose that has been dipped in rose oil. This rose sits on my desk and still today, months later, lingers the rose smell, relaxing me as I work.

To top of such an amazing array of products all are presented in a corrugated cardboard bag that is decorated with a soft pastel cardboard flower, rossettes and butterfly. Included is a gift card and tag that presents with glistening gem stone butterflies with the words “just for you”.

Hospital Healing Hampers post to any destination in Australia with items being delivered overnight to metropolitan areas. Some regional areas may take up to two days. Each Hamper is hand packaged by Jen. They are sealed in a box which is wrapped using brown paper, handed addressed and decorated to suit the theme. Being a baby and mum hamper ours was decorated with pram's, baby footprints and a rossette. Stamped upon the outside package was the added touch of the words “May your day be as special as you are”

We were left speechless when our package arrived. The presentation was beyond expectations and we all agreed that we had never received a packaged that oozed such love and care. The wonderment and awe continued as we opened the package to be greeted with organic products that lifted our spirits and blessed us with fragrance. As I write this my heart flutters at the memories of the gift. It truly touched the hearts of all who were present. The love, compassion and understanding flowed from the hamper with each touch. It left all with a surreal feeling with the body tingling as you took in the elegant finish.

This love and thought is carried through to the internet site of Healing Hospital Hampers. From the home page to the easy navigating of the site Hospital Healing Hampers provide a relaxing welcoming place to be. Using relaxing yet vibrant warm colours descriptions of items are available with clear with easy checkout.

It is evident that Jen and her family have put a lot of thought, time and love into what they do. Their passion and dedication for helping and caring about others shines through. It is lovely to see a product that is not only compassionate to the needs of the receiver and giver but also the environment. Care and love has gone into the selection of each individual item, showing unity and a common goal by Jen and her suppliers.

I can do nothing more than highly recommend Hospital Healing Hampers. Not only are they hampers that touch the heart but $1 from the sale of each hamper is donated to the affiliates of Hospital Healing Hampers to purchase resources for families with a recent genetic diagnosis in Australia.

These hampers should not be kept just for hospital related incidents. They would also make a great gift for Christmas and just to show you care. With hampers that suit babies, children, families, ladies and men there is something to suit the needs of all. Hampers can also be custom made to suit your needs and budget.

Visit Hospital Healing Hampers online at: www.hospitalhealinghampers.com.au

article: Jennifer Deaves

As published in Rattling Reviews