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Friday, January 20, 2012

Mum's Lounge

As published in Issue 5 January 2012 Rattling Reviews Magazine

Mums Lounge -  a great place to shop till you drop in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. A place to meet other mums, resource and realise that you are a women of the world with kids in tow.

At www.mumslounge.com.au they have it all covered. From shopping to the games centre, printouts to keep the kids happy, a forum for mums, Joelene's Mumbo Jumbo, recipes, things to do with the kids, competitions, baby bargains and hot specials, there is something new and exciting every time you log on.

I found Mums Lounge to be easy to navigate and user friendly, although I did find the fact that the pictures at the top of the page stayed the same when changing from one page to another a little annoying. This meant scrolling down beyond them when reading each page and was unnecessary download with each page opened. The pictures are quite comical and sit nicely with the concept of the page but I did question what their use was and was a little 'over' looking at them by the time I had navigated a few pages. It must be noted though that this did not take away the pleasurable experience I have had on the site which I have visited more than once. What has appealed to myself the most about Mums Lounge was the fact that all I needed was accessible in the one place. Knowing that all you need do is go to the one site to do more than one thing is a great time saver for busy mums.

So where do you go when you need another mum to talk to or feel a meltdown coming on? Why not visit Mums Lounge? Jump online introduce yourself and join in on some of the current discussion topics. At the time of writing this review there were over 306 topics being discussed so there is surely to be someone who has an answer to your question. And of course being mums they all understand exactly what you are going through and how you feel. Topics are not only limited to the kids but also cover those of relationships, work and just being a women. In the Mums Lounge forum you are really understood and made feel welcome. Feeling as though you need a little more help than what you found on Mums Lounge, well they have that covered to. Simple click on the support for parents tab for a link of organisations who can give you that little extra advice.

Shopping, what women doesn't love it! Mums Lounge has it covered from clothes for the whole family to toys, photography, beauty, giftware, décor, fitness, health and even a listing on nannys/babysitters who are ready to give you that well earned break. What's even better is by registering you can save up to 80% off retail prices.

Mums Lounge is more than just web site, it is a community. A virtual world that offers friendship and advice, placing the smile back on your face.

We asked Betty, founder of Pass It Forward Gifts to have a look at Mums lounge and tell us what she thought:

Was Mums Lounge easy to navigate?
Yes, surprisingly easy to navigate with the amount of information you can access from the one website. The website is very user friendly, bright and cheery!

Was the information useful?

* Yes very relevant for mums and mums to be - perfect for advertisers targeting that market and written in plain english in short, sharp language for the time poor!

Did you subscribe?

Actually I tried to but got a technical error message which was disappointing. I was attracted to the 80% off retail message immediately - its a great incentive for women and an easy catch.

Would you visit again?

Yes for sure - I am considering advertising on there and enquiring about including my products if I can. It is a great website, information rich and perfect for mums.

Visit Mums Lounge at www.mumslounge.com.au

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review: Jennifer Deaves